04 April 2007 at 9:44 AM EST

Pictures from Massachusetts

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Congressman Tancredo made a campaign stop yesterday in Newton, Massachusetts. Cris, who was traveling with the Congressman in Massachusetts, sent me these photos:

Tancredo on The Howie Carr Show Photo 1 Tancredo on The Howie Carr Show Photo 2 Tancredo in Newton Photo 1 Tancredo in Newton Photo 2 Tancredo in Newton Photo 3 Tancredo in Newton Photo 4

Cris then told me:

"All of the events were great today. The people who attended the event at the Boston Marriott in Newton, MA were very pleased that the Congressman is running. People were impressed with how well he spoke to the crowd. The Howie Carr Show went well also. We were late to show up, due to flight delays, but he was on air for about a half hour. When Howie took callers, people were glad that someone is taking initiative with the immigration issues."

Throughout today, Tancredo makes stops around New Hampshire. Check back later, because I'll be posting photos from New Hampshire.

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