10 December 2007 at 8:42 PM EST

Tom on Weekend Live

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Again another awesome speech by the one and only Tom Tancredo. Hopefully after this weekend he will start comming up in the polls. Myself and some of his staff are having a coffee at the Lakeshore restaurant in Storm Lake Iowa on Sat. Dec 15 starting at 11:00am If anyone is in the area stop by. I have been calling Tancredo supporters from 6 different counties and am hoping for a good turnout. Praying we get Tom higher in the polls.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Calamity


Once again, Tom explains clearly and succinctly exactly what happens when a country has separation with its language, and how the utilization of different languages (the bilingualization of a country) can and does create havoc with the everyday operation of a country. Tom gained more positive attention by not attending the "Spanish" language debate, and he has been able to speak and gain more time through television appearances than he ever would have through the debate.

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