12 December 2007 at 10:32 AM EST

Newsweek Quote on Tom

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Yes, Tom "the TANC" Tancredo has already won.
He started the illegal immigration fight and it's up to the rest of us to join in and fight the fight to take our country back with Tom! Everybody needs to get involved.
I am so proud of Tom Tancredo for having the guts to say and speak his mind. He never waivers. Tom is the real deal.
Keep giving em TANC, Tom!!

Tom was outstanding during the debate , as always.
He didn't back down and went right after the other candidates. I'm never met anyone with the GUTS that Tanc has.

So proud of you , Tom!

He has won because he is the only candidate willing to bring out the truth on all subjects, not just illegal immigration. He deserves the award for most INFLUENTIAL candidate of both the Republicans and Democrats.

Go Tom!

My comment is on the news release in which Tom Tancredo called the Godvoter organization "bigoted" for opposing Mormonism and Mitt Romney's belief in it.

I feel this does not reflect well on Tom Tancredo, especially since so many people who oppose illegal immigration have been called bigots. Having an opposing viewpoint on an issue does not automatically make a person a bigot.

Furthermore, Christians have every right to be concerned about a candidate's religious beliefs, including those who are involved in groups that are considered cults by a majority of Christians.

In addition, did Tom Tancredo read the rest of that email in which the beliefs of Mormonism are mentioned? They certainly aren't biblical.

I don't know if Congressman Tancredo is going for the Mormon vote but I think he may have alienated some Bible-believing Christians with this news release.

I was disappointed to see this news release.

Tancredo, why dont you support Huckabee? I think you should think about considering some allies. Who are you gonna support that holds all your values when you have to drop out? Why not back Huckabee? He's a guy that might listen to you. I think you two could be good friends and maybe fight this immigration thing together. His plan is good.

Tom can't support Huckabee because of his fake stance on illegal immigration. Do your homework dude! Huck supports in-state tuition for illegals just like the Democrats in NC are currently doing. That crazy! Huck is a nice guy and all, but so is Bush and he is Amnesty all the way. Go Tanc, Go Hunter, keep the subject at the forefront.

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