04 December 2007 at 4:39 PM EST

New TV AD Released Today!

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Another good ad. A stark reminder of the dangers of open borders. Keep it up, and to Congressman Tancredo, good luck on your campaign. Hopefully you'll win.

This is a good ad that addresses the issues of individual (citizen's) lives, and the impact these kind of violet acts are having on our country. Tom is the first person to address this issue with an ad that, once again, tells it like it is. I just hope people will see the ad and take it all to heart, because it is real, and it is happening in towns and cities all over our country.

Great Ad!!!

The national conversation needs to be about these drug gangs like MS-13 and the violent crime that Americans endure at the hands of illegal aliens.

The media and politicians should be talking with outrage and humanitarian sympathy about the Americans who lose their lives to illegal aliens or suffer other crimes such as identity theft instead of serving as illegal alien apologists and spineless anti-American traitors.

Thank goodness for Rep Tom Tancredo!!!

That was a truly excellent ad. I showed it to my parents and they both liked it a lot also.

I am very grateful to Tom Tancredo for having the backbone to talk about these things.

No matter what happens in the election, Tom Tancredo will have the satisfaction of knowing that he is a true American patriot who did the best he could to warn the country of the danger it faces.

Wow! That was really an eye popper! Great job, Tom. If that doesn't wake up middle America, they're taking too many meds.

Give em TANC, Tom!
Thanks for having the guts to tell it like it is.
You're the best!

I agree with "Tancs" message, and liked this one alot
more than the 1st one for sure. It gets so right to the point!! IT WILL TAKE A "TANC" TO SECURE OUR BORDERS!!!!

Very good Team Tancredo...straight to the point.

The campaign staff is probably aware of this but I wanted to pass the info along anyway. There is a petition to remove Tom's great TV ads with over 7k signatures. These tactics always backfire on the OBL and you may find a way to use this to your advantage.
Keep up the good work!


Stop Tancredo's Fear Mongering
Step 1: Sign the petition to keep his ad off the air
Already Signed? Click Here to Proceed to Step 2.
(Update - 7,212 Signatures!)

Dear Local Network Affiliate,
We the undersigned are writing to request that you do not air Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo's new television ad. Congressman Tancredo's ad, released on Monday, November 12, 2007, features a terrorist leaving a bomb in a public place.
In making the unverifiable claim that "Islamic Terrorists" have snuck into the United States across our Southern border, Tancredo is doing something analogous to yelling fire in a crowded theatre. This sort of fear mongering is harmful to American citizens and immigrants alike.
We, therefore, respectfully request that you do not allow the ad to be aired on your station. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Well said. Wake up America our children are at risk.

Any Arizona supporters get out and rally this Sat. 12/8!
There will be two staging locations for this Saturday:

East Valley riders meet at the AM PM gas station, 6:55 am. NW corner of Price Road (101) and Southern. From there they will ride to meet the other groups at the Taco Bell staging location below.

The Taco Bell location is at the NE corner of Cactus and Cave Creek Road . Park behind the Taco Bell . Meet there by 7:30am

We will all leave the Taco Bell location at 7:45 to attend the 1st event that is only a few minutes away.

Next we will travel down to Pruitt’s for those activities around 10:00 am.

This is a RAIN or SHINE event. Look forward to seeing everyone!

Another hard-hitting ad that tells the ugly truth about open borders and our government's failure to solve the problem.

With one month to go in Iowa, can you give us any updates on Tom's events or campaign?

Also, is Tom going to release a statement about his refusal to participate in the upcoming Univision debate? We support his decision 100%, but many interested voters are probably unaware of his decision to do so. Bringing attention to this Spanish debate could possibly sway additional voters to support Tom Tancredo!

Even better than the first, Tom!

There is a horrible story around the Houston area about Joe Horn, who shot and killed 2 illegal aliens breaking into his neighbors house, and now the DA might press charges against him because this was "not self defense", even though they were shot when they tresspassed onto his own property. Our country is rapidly turning towards it's inability to protect itself!

FYI - great article from The American Spectator about Tom

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