09 December 2007 at 5:20 PM EST

New Tancredo Web Ad: Boycott the Univision Debate!

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Keep giving em TANC, Tom!
We are proud of you!

Loved it! Bravo! I won't be watching you can bet your sweet pippy! The only thing I'd change, though, is we're still in 2007 - not 2008!!

Great webAd. I hope it gets lots of attention.

Absolutely one of the best ads I've seen - in message and in humor! I was laughing so hard, it brought tears to my eyes! I especially enjoyed seeing McCain in the back of the truck with his "friends". I'm hoping they're headed for the border. Thank you, Tom Tancredo - after nine years, your work is finally making a difference! And thank you to those responsible for this ad!

Hot Dam. That has to be the best and hardest hitting ad I have ever seen. It should run on every tv station in America as often as possible.

Great spoof on illegal immigration. To bad he's not real.....enjoy...


i love the ad,tells it like it is,who believes any of These amnesty lovers have switched thier take on illegal immigration,especially mccain,they are liars.TANCREDO IN 08.THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS....HANG IN THERE TOM.

Why are Mexican's coming here screaming "We want our land back?" if they got it back the Mexican government would just make them live in huts on it like they do in Mexico! Are these people confused? Do they believe if they get the Southwest back that we are still going to run it for them????

Its great to see all the new bloggers on here...

My husband and I loved this little ad. It was funny and; we thought very truthful. There is just so much going on that the average person doesn't know about. Thank Goodness for Tom Tancredo for bringing the immigration to the forefront.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Clamity

That was really funny as well as angering at the same time. I can't believe that photo of the boat just loaded with illegal aliens. No wonder the United States will be a third-world country in 20 years.

This destruction of our country was obviously planned by globalists/one-world government traitors. No country could possibly be as stupid as the United States--it's all being done on purpose.

Look for the North American Union coming by 2010. They need all these "new slaves" to work for the New World Order. That's why the border stays open. Watch for the Trans Texas Corridor. It'll ship more of those Mexican Trucks, Tainted Chinese Goods and lots o'pollution! Oh, and let's not forget Eminent Domain..coming soon to a town near you.

I love your integrity Tom. Hang tough and don't give up. If not the primaries, Go independent. We will vote for you either way.

Oh, my God! That's the cleverest thing I've ever seen on YouTube! So funny and so true. Keep 'em coming! Absolutely brilliant. You rock Tom!

Tom Tancredo is the logical choice!
Canidate Timcredo needs massive amounts of media coverage a.s.a.p!.
He seems stiffled by the media and little known by the sheepeople.
Personally, I include Tom Tancredo's name and talking points in many political conversations. Most people agree with him and yet he is rarely mentioned on the news and political programming.
Everyone, please help save our country and culture!.

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