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Gilmer Hernandez is a former Deputy Sherriff from Rocksprings, TX.  In a case similar to that of the Ramos and Compean fiasco, the case even prosecuted by Johnny Sutton, Gilmer was sent to prison for doing his job.  His crime was attempting to shoot out the tires of a van carrying illegal aliens trying to run him over.  After spending 11 long months in a federal prison he was finally let free.  Unfortunately, with a felony conviction he has many doors closed to him, albeit a wrong and terrible conviction.

Needless to say, it has been a long and tough year for him and his family.

The Tancredo campaign would like you to take a few moments and send him a Christmas card or a letter thanking him for his service.  Your thoughts, prayers, and letters are greatly appreciated and I hope you will find the time to do this.

To read more about Gilmer, go here: http://www.freegilmer.com/

To send him a letter, direct it here:

Gilmer Hernandez

General Delivery

Rocksprings, TX 78880

To send an email: [email protected]

Congressman Tancredo has been supporting Gilmer and he asks you to do the same.  He is standing next to Gilmer in this picture:


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Very touching.
Thank you for sharing this great outcome of a story.
You can count on us Tanc supporters to send him a card.
God Bless Gilmer and Tom Tancredo!

Thank you for this post, Tom and Alan! I'm sure that Gilmer's family and friends are relieved that he is finally out of prison and home where he belongs! It's very apparent that he is loved and supported in his community!

It's very unfortunate that a select group of powerful individuals in this country fail to support and take care of those who have the difficult job of upholding our laws! Johnny Sutton is one of those individuals!

Please take the time to help Gilmer and his family, even with just a card as Tom suggests. Mine is going out this week for him and his family. We must not forget this man, or the others who have sacrificed enforcing the law.

Thanks for this information so we can be in touch with Gilmer.

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