06 December 2007 at 5:30 PM EST

Cavuto 12-6

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Congressman Tancredo,

I could not agree with you more. I was once an immigrant from Chile. I will never forget that i was born and raised there, but i took an oath to this country to become a citizen. I remember when i took my drivers license exam, it took me 7 attempts in ENGLISH, but i finally passed it. For me voting is so sacred, and we all have to do it in ENGLISH. I just want to thank you for your dedication and for being my true leader and voice. Citizens cry out for representation.
Thank you.

Bravo to you Mr. Tancredo for standing up for your beliefs and principles unlike the other candidates who are putting pandering for votes ahead of their beliefs and principles. They are apparently pandering for votes from foreigners who speak Spanish who aren't supposed to even be voting in our elections.

Shame on them and Kudos to you!

Good for Mr. Tom Tancredo. Now if the other candidates were as ethical and really mean what they say; then it seems to me there should be a lot more boycotting this debate.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Calamity

Sorry,this has nothing to do cavuto.I just want'ed to thank and support Tancredo for boycotting the spanish debate because it was the right thing to do.I am sure the rest of the politics as usual candidates will be there.I will be suprized if Duncun hunter is there.This is another chapter on the problems America faces from the enablers and undermining that is going on.I have said this before, but I know and have met people that have been in this country for years and cannot speak english,thanks to things like univision ,they don't need to.

Well said. To whom is their loyalty. A citizen should be using English.

When I saw that you had stood up to the other Pandering Repubs who are Univision-ing it up today; thanks for bringing this whole Immigration issue to the forefront in this campaign, Mr. Tancredo; at no minor sacrifice to you, sir.

I hope you are eventually rewarded here on earth for this.

Great, Mr. Tancredo that you didn't participate in the Spanish-speaking Q & A; you are still my favorite candidate for your couage and for blazing the trail on this immigration issue; were it not for you no one would have stood up to the illegal hoards invited here by the inaction of this GW Bush, who really is such an embrassing excuse for the president of the US; I too voted for him both times and that was when I was so suffering from Clinton fatigue, I would have voted for a George W. Bush Mask.

I certainly hope we see you in the new administration.

So, we have one candidate for President of the United States and numerous others running to serve as overlords of a Balkanized North American Economic Union.

Vote Tancredo for a Secure & Prosperous America,


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