14 December 2007 at 12:27 PM EST


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Joseph Farah has written an excellent piece in favor of the Congressman on WorldNet Daily.  Make sure to check it out here.

Also, there is an intersting article regarding Mike Huckabee and the Council on Foreign Relations by Jerome Corsi on the same site.  You can read it here.

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I read that this morning. Yes it is an excellent piece.

Nice post, Alan, and nice articles. Hope they get major traction. Go Tancredo GO! Run and win!

Also, if you're a Tom Tancredo fan, make sure to check out his official fan web-site:


Tom received an endorsement too! The American Patrol switched their endorsement from Ron Paul to Tom Tancredo. Check it out at the follow website!



By Tom being the only one boycotting the spanish debate once again proves he is the right man for the job.Now do you see Ron Paul,Romney,huckabee,and the rest of the politics as usual candidates supporters that Tom is a man of principal.He is not a one issue candidate,it's just immigration is his main issue as it should be because it effects our sovereignty(to even exsist as a country)which all but a few have ignored.Now,are we going to vote for the right man or are we going to let the press and money dictate our vote?Please vote Tancredo.God bless Tom Tancredo.

Yes, everyone, join Tom's official Fan site
See you over there.

Alan, can you please give us some updates on Tom's final two weeks in Iowa before the caucus? We've watched his momentum growing nationally, but haven't heard a thing about his latest campaign in Iowa for quite some time! His fans are eager to know and support him!!! We need you, Mr. President!!!!!

Yes, it really would be nice to know if Tom plans on taking any more trips to Iowa. It's too bad he hasn't been there in the last few weeks before the Caucuses to converse and talk with people there, plus gain more supporters. It would seem that he would want to be there now, particularly after the Straw Poll finish last summer. Too bad...

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