14 November 2007 at 8:29 PM EST

Tom on Tucker

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Thanks to Tucker for defending Tom's ad. I think people don't want to hear the truth as it is so frightning to them. Well everyone had better wake up before it is too late. WE ARE AT GREAT RISK FOR A TERRORIST ATTACK HERE. Tom is the only one with guts enough to speak the truth. Continued prayers for Tom, his family and staff.

With all the publicity and airtime Tom has received about his television ad, Tom continues to make valid points about terrorists, our lack of border security, and this nation's failure to have an exit plan for those who enter on visas!

I commend Tucker Carlson for publicly stating that he defends Tom's ad at the end of the segment.

Alan, I'm wondering if any of our "spineless politicians" have spoken out or commented about Tom's ad. Certainly someone other than Tanc has a backbone???

Great! Did everyone notice that they actually loaded the ad from TeamTancredo.org? How do I know?? Because of the text above the video itself. That's something we did! :-) Played very nicely!

Calling all TANCS...
I'm so fed up with the Des Moines Register promoting Illegal immigration. I am also fed up with our governor who provides a santuary state for illegal immigration. It is up to each of us to change this! Please write letters to the editor in your area newspapers or comment on these DM register article online and start making TANCREDO noise. Get involved with Tom's campaign.. Iowa needs your help. How do I get involved??? ask me---------------I am tancsarmy@yahoo.com

Inaction is no answer to illegal immigration
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Perhaps as many as 85000 illegal immigrants live in Iowa. Spitzer announced his plan in September, saying he wanted to draw illegal immigrants "out of the ...
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