15 November 2007 at 10:07 AM EST

Tom on Rick Sanchez Last Night

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Remember to watch Glenn Beck Thursday! Tom will be a guest and SHOULD get a lot of support from Glenn!

Rick Sanchez turns my stomach. This guy is part of the problem! He is for illegals thru and thru. My family and I refuse to watch this guy. I wish someone would chew him up and spit him out. Tancredo (08)

Even though he let Tom speak, he still attempts to force the issue of some kind of amnesty track for illegals, but Tom was able to get in the last word with Sanchez.

I think Rick Sanchez truly likes Tom, but what is there not to like. Tom is honest, forthright, and wants to save our country. What more could anyone want?

Tom did good! Rick did not try to debate with Tom like he has in the past (ala alan colmes)but did try to pull him off message. He failed!

Great job, Tom!

note that Tom will be in Texas next week.
Get out and support him! Check out the Press Release.
News and Press
Tancredo to Hold Fundraisers in Texas
CONTACT: Alan Moore

***Media Advisory***

(Washington, D.C.) – Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) will hold two fundraisers in Texas.

WHO: Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
WHAT: Fundraisers
WHEN: November 19th, 6:00-8:00PM and November 20th, 6:00-8:00PM
WHERE: 523 Ridge Point Drive, Heath, TX (Nov. 19th) Maggiano’s 2019 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX (Nov. 20th)

*Credentialed media will not be required to pay entry fee. Please bring proper identification.

**Location contact: Beau Correll at (888) GOTOM-08

November 19th

6:00-8:00 PM CST
Reception for Tom Tancredo ($250/person; $450/couple)
523 Ridge Point Drive
Heath, TX (near Dallas)
Attendees should contact Ms. Mary Puckett at mary@marypuckett.com or call 214-384-0603

November 20th

6:00-8:00 PM CST ($250/person; $450/couple)
Reception for Tom Tancredo
Maggiano’s Restaurant
2019 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX

Attendees should contact Mr. Beau Correll at beau@teamtancredo.org or call 888-GOTOM08


Hey Alan, can you tell whoever is watching Tom's MySpace page that it needs to updated daily. They haven't checked the site since the 12th. This is such a big week for Tom with the new commercial and we need comments to be up as much as possible so people can see what others are saying. If the person needs help with taking care of the site I would be more then happy to help. Thanks!

The show was good. Rick was not as argumentative with Tom as he has been in the past. He did try to pull Tom off message, but he failed.

After Tom, Rick did a segment about John McCain, and plugged donations to McCain's campaign.

When I emailed rick to thank him for the interview with Tom I said "Ah... Ah... Ah... Tom could use some money too."

Tom did an awesome job with Loud mouth Rick Sanchez. Keep on keeping on Tom Tancedo. Thank you Tom for speaking for us the little people whom The Powers That Be seem to ignore. Continued Prayers for Tom, his family and staff.


Yep. HB 1804 in Oklahoma is working...now let's hope the police and District Attorneys quit complaining about how cumbersome and burdensome the new law is and enforce it! If they do not, the voters can decide the fate of their respective DA and the person(s) who hires and fires their city's police chief can decide if they want to have a rogue police chief serving the people of their respective city.
Thank you Tom for all your hard work and efort on this issue. Also thank you to Oklahoma State Rep. Randy Terrill the major player in authoring HB 1804, the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007.

My comment is not about Rick Sanchez. I know very well that he is pro-illegal journalist on CNN, and if he is smiling and called Tom "the guy he likes", don't trust him. I even can't watch his "Out in the Open", because everything looks for me like a low class journalism.
I'm questioning now the poster about that $400 hair cut.
What do you want to achieve by posting this press release? And does it mean, that Tom Tancredo donated $400 to the Autism Society by using the money we donated to his campaign, and in return he is going to receive the haircut? I think, that this information is the huge damage to his campaign.
I remember someone has provided an information about what kind of Mexican food Tom likes and what restaurants he had visited during his campaign. In New York City, if waitress or cook don't like the guest, they will serve him with the food spitted on. Be careful what you eat, Tom!
And to advisers to Tom Tancredo: be careful what kind of information you put on your blog.

Rep Tancredo was on his "A" game this time!!! We have a choice. Elect an America First President like Rep Tancredo or a WEAK SISTER that is soft on DOMESTIC TERRORISM like the rest of the candidates.

While the rest of them are speaking spanish on Univision about what extent they are willing to pander for some votes Rep Tancredo will be telling American the truth in ENGLISH. Do you want to listen to a Translator during the next State of The Union Address?

I could not believe how long it took "Teeth" Sanchez to bring up compromise in order to legalize the status of illegal aliens. WHY COMPROMISE ENFORCING THE LAW?

The fact is Americans should not compromise on the Rule of Law and value of citizenship. Recently, I saw a report that placed the value of AMERICAN citizenship at approximately $100,000. How did the Senate come up with a few thousand dollars worth of fines?

Bottom line is businesses that employ illegal alien labor are nationalizing the expenses and personalizing the profit.

That is a major reason why so many Americans enjoy stagnant wages and a declining standard of living.

Good job Tom. And Tom is right someone needs to say it. We the people have said no amnesty, people like Rick Sanchez just don't get it. Besides we were promised in 86 that it would not happen again. Those who have invaded our Nation have no right to expect any thing.

There's Still Time:
I heard Tom on a local radio show here in Houston the other day speaking about the "mothers milk" of politics - money. Neither the Tancredo or Hunter campaigns have used any imagination or ingenuity when it comes to fundraising. THERE IS MONEY OUT THERE TO BE HAD FOR THESE TWO CAMPAIGNS. ITS THERE FOR THE TAKING! But it is being claimed by "neither". I have put forth recommendations to the Hunter campaign on my blog (and directly via folks w/in the campaign) but they have not acted upon them. These suggestions would apply and work for the Tancredo campaign, as well. And you are welcome to them. My severe criticism of both campaigns is that they have no winning strategy and both, now seem to be caving in to defeat. THERE'S STILL TIME! On my blog look for my "Hey Duncan Hunter..." series beginning on 7/15/07. There's some blunt talk in these essay's so be prepared. Or email me. I have 10-15 hrs per week to dedicate to your campaign if you want to take advantage of it, however, I'll need certain "tools" before I can begin. I'm convinced that there are powerful endorsements and support to be had. DD howdy99@comcast.net

I have finally found my candidate! I am from Oklahoma and on board with what this state is doing (HB 1804). Tom has said it all for me! Whatever happened to Theodore Roosevelt's statement on his ideas of immigrants in 1907? Yes, you can come here only in "good faith" and assimilate yourself to the American people. "One flag, one language, and one loyalty." Become a citizen, pay taxes, learn the language and stop depending on our government for handouts! I agree with Tom's ad campaign. We've got to tighten security before it's too late.

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