20 November 2007 at 10:22 AM EST

Tom on FoxNews

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Check out the number of appearances by Tom on FoxNews this year!

Tom Tancredo (candidacy declared April 2, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 36.

Mike Huckabee (candidacy declared Jan. 28, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 33.

• Sen. John McCain (candidacy declared April 25, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 24.

Mitt Romney (candidacy declared Feb. 13, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 24.

Rudolph Giuliani (statement of candidacy with the FEC, February 5, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 20.

Fred Thompson (candidacy declared Sept. 5, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 14.

Ron Paul (candidacy declared March 12, 2007). Appearances on FNC year to date: 12.

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I know Tom is used to this but direct attacks like this should be answered-


Well and good but the time they give him is limited, and they ridicule and talk over him most of the time. While the others may have had fewer appearances they are talked about in a favorable way every day.

This is wonderful that he has appeared so many times, and it really has helped him with the issue of illegal immigration as well as terrorism, but it has not helped as much as we would like with his campaign.

Tom must speak out boldly and forcefully at this point, and he must begin where he left off--Iowa. That is where he gained his momentum, from the Straw Poll, and that momentum should have been built upon from last summer up until now. He should be in Iowa now and until the end of December. Headquarters needs to get him there, and the people of Iowa will take care of him for as long as he needs to stay.

He is our last best hope, because after 2008, we just might not have any.

Well, if people are watching FoxNews - then they have no excuse to say "Who is Tom Tancredo?" I think Tom is really the thorn in most people's sides and I'm thinking this is a good thing. Keep it up Tom. Your message can't and must not be ignored.

Dec 9, 2007

I just heard Rep Tancredo on Fox News and was pleased to hear someone finally say that English should be our language and that there should not be african american caucus or hispanic caucus. I am tired hearing about groups such as the black firefighters union (Cincinnati, Ohio) and yet when t-shirts saying white firefighters union appeared they were made to discontinue them. I thought this country was about equality - only if you are black or an outspoken minority. We are a middleclass, white american family - our kids didn't have a united negro college fund to help them out - they are over $35,000 in debt so they could get their education. They are also working productive members of society. Let's get back to sanity - equality for people, not ethnic or racial groups. Keep up the good work!

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