26 November 2007 at 12:43 PM EST

Today's Media Schedule

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Today Congressman Tancredo will discuss the attempted attack on Ft. Huachuca in Arizona by Islamic terrorists on the following:

FOXNews: Your World with Neil Cavuto 4:40 EST

CNN Headline News: Glenn Beck 7:00 EST

XM Radio: Mike Reagan 6:20 EST

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This is what is heading our way.

Thanks to my good friend Buck Young who heads RAIA (Riders Against Illegal Immigration , and the GREAT Minutemen of America organizations for getting out and rallying in support of the owners of Pruitt Furniture in AZ. Also, thanks to my sister for attending the rally in support of Tom Tancredo and our country. I hear she got lots of "Love Tom Tancredo" when others saw her Tom Tancredo for President T-shirt. !!
Please everyone, join some of these anti-illegal immigration orgs today. You don't have to be a rider to join RAIA.. You don't have to be a man to join the minutemen. All you need is some great passion for our country. There are many other organizations, just get involved. Do it for TOM, " the TANC".
Tom " the Tanc" Tancredo got me started in this fight in June. Now, we all must join Tom's fight to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! Let's all make him proud to continue his fight onward. It is time to make Tancredo noise across the USA.
This is our culture, fight for it.
This is our flag, pick it up.
This is our country, take it back.

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