14 November 2007 at 5:54 PM EST

The Tanc on Fox and Friends this morning

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Tom was wonderful with the Fox and Friends guys. He explains exactly what the ad was intended to do, and everyone agreed that there was nothing hidden or out of touch with what is happening with illegal immigration or terrorism.

Keep up the appearances, Tom. You look and sound great!

Brian and Steve were respectful of Congressman Tancredo, that was so refreshing. Way to go Fox and Friends.
Tom is not backing down. This is great momentum for him. Tom will go down in history, you wait and see.
Tom and his fearless fight against illegal immigration and open borders is making a such a tremendous impact in what the key issues are for the race to the White House. Way to go, Tom. We are so very proud of you, sir.
Your supporters are in this fight for America's sovereignty and security forever. We need you as our commander in chief in 08!

WOW! Tom was great in this interview. He is saying what needs to be said. Like I have said many many times. Toms is a sane voice in insane times.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Calamity

Glad to see the Ad gaining the exposure that it is for Rep Tancredo's message.

Rudy may be good at managing a clean up operation but I don't want fellow Americans and my family to experience another terrorist event like 9-11-01 so I want to elect a President who will prevent one from occurring.

Rep Tancredo has a clear understanding on what the problem is and how to deal with it.

Vote Tancredo for a Safe, Secure & Prosperous America

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