12 November 2007 at 3:13 PM EST


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"Tough on Terror"

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This ad is a good angle on the terrorist and illegal issue, and it says it succinctly and with emphasis on someone, Tom Tancredo, getting the message out to Iowans and the whole country.

Hopefully this ad will have an effect on Iowans, and they will take it to heart that Congressman Tancredo is here to serve and protect us and our country.

I like the ad and Tom's willingness to state the tough reality that we face.

This family commends Tom Tancredo for this ad and for his fight to deter further terrorism in our country! He is the only candidate who is willing to tell it like it really is.

Many Americans simply don't want to face the reality of Tom's ad, yet they'll be the first to point fingers at others in blame when terror strikes again here at home. Perhaps this ad will change some minds of voters in Iowa, as well as throughout our country!

American citizens must join together and demand that our borders be secured.
Our "spineless politicians" have had plenty of time to act on border security and illegal immigration. They are ignoring the wishes of Americans, and instead, pledging their allegiance to corporations and powerful s.i. groups that are set on destroying this nation from within!

With the support of the American people, Tom Tancredo will return power back to the citizens and tax-payers of the U.S.A.! Elect President Tom Tancredo in 2008!

Let's do it for our veterans!
Let's do it for our children and grandchildren!
Let's do it for the future of our country!
Let's do it in remembrance of every person in the U.S.A. who has lost his or her life at the hands of terrorists or illegal immigrants!

Now that is reality. Way to go Tom! Finally, a REAL TV AD!

WOW! This is an awesome political ad. Like I have said before Tom is the Sane Voice in Insane times. Tom is not afraid to say it like it is. We are at great risk for a terrorist attack; and I don't think most realize just how grave the danger is. Thank you Tom for making us aware.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Calamity

As an Arizona citizen I believe it's VITAL that Mr. Tancredo start coming out swinging. I am TIRED of namby-pamby so-called conservatives. We need a REAL one.
Posted by: Tony | Nov 10, 2007 6:58:11 PM

Well, Tony if you are tired of namby-pamby you got your wish today!!!

Earlier this year when Rep Tancredo spoke out against islamo-fascists their supporters in Pakistan burned him in effigy. When the open borders global elitist and would be terrorists take this ad in they better be wearing brown slacks like the French Army does.

We need a President like Rep Tom Tancredo. It is clear that his view of the world places AMERICA first.

Vote Tancredo For A Safe, Secure & Prosperous America

calling all Tancs!
call DC headquarters.

703- 255 -9898

Tell the receptionist to let Tom know how much we love his TV AD!

GO TOM!!! Everything Tom told me this would be plus some... he didn't share the details, but did say " it will WOW YOU!" IT SURE DID!

it takes a Tanc to secure our borders!

Very powerful ad!! I think he should go on the Lou Dobbs show and discuss it, since Lou has moved to prime time, and many more people across the country will see it. We have got to get Tom elected. Since Hillary Clinton has shown her true colors, voters will be looking for someone else to vote for. I hope and pray it will be Tom.

Secure OUR Borders by any-and-all means necessary. That's what I got out of the ad. And, Tom's exactly right when he more-or-less makes that statement. He knows, as well as all of his dedicated supporters, that our Federal Officials are far too ignorant to do anything to secure our borders because they rake in all of that cash from the "Big Business" and socio-ethno-centric groups, as Lou Dobbs calls them. Tom also knows that America won't change unless Politics is changed. And, the way to change Politics is to stop the influx of cash to protect the "elitists" and "open borders" groups. That's why he must be OUR next leader. He will stop the madness and bring us back to sanity so that Our Country can be saved. Thank You Congressman for bringing this level-headedness to the American people. WE NEED YOU AND WE SUPPORT YOU!!! And, if for some GOD awful reason you're not able to get the nomination, I AM writing you in on the ballot. It's the only way to make a statement: "I cannot be won over by the other candidate's double-talk and sly tactics to just get votes." You are the only candidate with reason and sensibility and I know others see that as well.

Thomas "Creampuff" Willems
Marcus, Iowa

He sure hit the nail on the head when he used the term "spineless politicians" !! But he left out term "bought and paid for" !!
"It will take a TANC to secure our borders"

This is a powerful ad. A real eye opener. Hard hitting and telling it like it is. If the complacent and apathetic will only listen.

Saw the ad in IOWA at 6:00 p.m. last night before the news on KCCI-TV, DES MOINES! Great time slot! My dad was even impressed, he was born and raised a democrat, switched to independent party last summer (he is 82 years old by the way, and hopefully with Tom front and center, soon to be a republican!! He loves TANC!

Keep giving em TANC!


O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are so brave! Keep getting all of the runners in this topic. Shame them! WOW!!!! Amazing!!!!

It's about time they stopped calling Tom Tancredo a "one-issue" candidate. As he shows in the ad, immigration is part of every issue! And who would think of letting the enemy stream across one's border during wartime? Yet Tom is the only one who tells it like it is -- Bush has neglected his duty as wartime president! Bush even celebrates Ramadan in the White House to foster "understanding". I bet Tom Tancredo is the only candidate who will stand up against the glorification of our enemies' so-called "Religion of Peace". Go Tanc!

Tom has really shown us his steel backbone on this one! Yeah! Keep up the great job, Tom! Just say No to spineless politicians! It's the Tanc all the way!

THIS is what keeps me up at night, and keeps me awake during those trips to the border and back.

THIS is why we needed to secure our borders like Tupperware well before 9/11, but certainly no later than 9/12.

THIS is why allowing six years to go by after 9/11 without securing our borders is not just dereliction of duty by our Commander-in-Chief, it is treason.
(Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure
the [parent nation].").

THIS is unfortunately what is headed our way, and what is probably going to be needed for us to shake off the self-imposed shackles of political correctness and apply
some common sense to national security and to our borders.

THIS is what the anti-law enforcement, pro-illegal alien crowd, our President (and other liberals) don't want you to take seriously.

THIS is the kind of "say it like it is" leadership that might just save this experiment in freedom we're treating so poorly.

If honesty paid better than deceit and treason, Mr. Tancredo would be so far ahead of any other candidate they would have already conceded the election to him.

Semper Vigilans,


You now have my vote!!! I have been hunting for someone to take this issue full speed ahead. You have always been strong on this issue and I believe you mean business in dealing with "all" the illegal border crossers, and most importantly our unsecure borders. I live in Oklahoma which just passed a tough illegal-immigration law, already the hispanics are crying out against it because approx. 20,000 illegals have already left the state and we're (American Citizens) suppose to be sorry for this! Ha! I know you will Take care of Americas future!!! .....My family just made the decision to put "TANCREDO" in charge!!!!!

Dear Tom,
I knew you would get some negative publicity with this great ad, but I think any publicity helps. I know you won't back down. Regardless of what the media would like for us to believe, you have a lot of support. I'm absolutely appalled that people would accuse you of scare tactics. Why is it so hard to believe that our country is in danger? How soon some forget that it's already happened, on 9/11. Please remind our opponents of this. I'll send more money as soon as I can.

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