07 November 2007 at 6:54 PM EST

New Radio Ad in Iowa

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We are running a new radio spot in Iowa.  It is hard hitting and to the point.

What do you think?

Download Tancredo Radio Ad.mp3

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This is a very good radio spot, and I am going to try to let everyone I know hear it.

Please do whatever you can do get Tom's message to those who are uninformed. This is so important to his success- with the soon to come primaries.

I heard this on the radio and thought it was good. He covered everything. Tom is right in we need to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK, and make it Great once again. Lets all keep praying for Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tom He's The Man
He's The Man To Lead This Land
Tom The Voice Of Sanity
In These Times Of Calamity

I LOVE IT! This succinctly lays out the important things Tom is for and against. I will be hitting the streets again today energized with the message I am spreading for Tom in my area.

I listened to the new ad this morning and I hope Iowans get to hear it so much they memorize it.

This message should be required listening for all Americans who truly care about not only the nation but the world we live in.

Tancredo supporters have a candidate with a genuine America-First message. Be LOUD & PROUD sharing it with others!!!

Tancredo for a Safe, Secure & Prosperous America

Way to go Tom!


Everyone is IOWA is raving about the power of Congressman Tancredo's message here....

In my belief, Tom is the only candidate that:
is the real deal.
does not waiver.
is a Christian. He leads us in prayer before events on occasion and he talks about his Christian beliefs.
has core values.
is so right on about CFR.
has integrity, honor, and respect.
will secure our borders.
will fight for our sovereignty.
will enforce the laws.
go after the employers who are hiring illegal aliens.
will ensure English is the only American language.
speaks from his heart.
will go to war with the attitude, We win, you lose!
Tom Tancredo will TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

We need Congressman Tancredo to lead our nation, folks.
It's very simple.Without Tom, our country will be no more. This is reality.

Tom is not a one issue candidate. Illegal immigration affects the future of our country, is every aspect.

The other candidates for both parties are all raving about healthcare, social security, education, jobs, but guess what, none of these issues will matter. The other repulican candidates have flip flopped on illegal immigration to support Tom's fight, since they now realize it is a hot topic for Americans. They are all telling you what you want to hear. Don't trust them. Tom does not waiver.

In a couple of years, our great country as we used to know it will be taken over by the millions of aliens, we, Americans will be their hostages or quite frankly DEAD , and our freedom will be free..done, no longer.
The illegal invasion & revolution is slowing moving across America.

It takes a TANC to secure our borders.

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Thank God for a true Conservative with conviction!

Very powerful and to the point! Tom sounds EXTREMELY good! It captures the attention, and covers many issues concerning Americans! Too bad it is only being broadcast in Iowa - we need it throughout the entire country!

As I post written comments on many of the newspaper articles being published around the nation, I notice many new names posting positively about Tom! Tom's message is getting out and Americans are starting to listen and pay attention.

Tancredo supporters: Continue to spread Tom's message! If our messages focus on our country's sovereignty and the rights and freedoms of citizens, people will listen.

I love it, Tom! I'm so glad you're hitting ALL the issues.

Please see that Tom gets this message:

I want to give you a tip: Please make a statement about your support for a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution. Overturning Roe will not end legalized abortion, as you well know. There is a movement to pass a Human Life Amendment in a few states, but few have talked about one at the federal level, until last weekend. We need both.

The Republican platform has been calling for the Human Life Amendment since 1976, and its only champion we've had for president was Ronald Reagan, but he had a Democrat Congress. George W. Bush has no excuse.

I bring this up because Fred Thompson expressed his opposition to the Republican platform over the weekend. Both Huckabee and Romney came out in favor of it, though Romney was disengenuous. I've been checking to see a response from you.

Tom, you are one of the only 2 candidates who takes the right position on illegal immigration, fiscal issues, social issues AND the war. And of the two, you have more passion and tenacity. I am solidly behind you.

The conservative movement is imploding with Robertson endorsing Giuliani, Brownback endorsing McCain and the National Right to Life defending Fred Thompson on his inexcusable position.

I see this as a golden opportunity for you. Please take it.


All I can say is that I hope Mr. Tancredo comes up with something to energize Republicans. With the numbers he's getting now, which are going to prevent him from participating in the Iowa GOP debate, I'm getting discouraged.

I'm paying your campaign every month out of my bank account because I believe in you. There has to be something you and your campaign can do to get people talking about you. As an Arizona citizen I believe it's VITAL that Mr. Tancredo start coming out swinging. I am TIRED of namby-pamby so-called conservatives. We need a REAL one. Come on, Tom -- tell us what we can do to help you get some momentum.

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