29 November 2007 at 5:29 PM EST

Debate Highlights!

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Tom was excellent in the limited time that he was allotted. As everyone knows by now, this was a slanted and planted debate, and Tom was lucky to have been given anything. Tom watched as the others stumbled over one another, and it was obvious that he knew the same old routine. It really is too bad and shameful that people continue to support top tier, weak sister candidates, when there is someone like Tom standing right there with most of the solutions to our dilemmas. It is going to take something catastrophic to wake people up to the fact that a strong, unbending leader is needed to revamp American policies.

We pray for Tom and thank him for attending this debate.

CNN and MSNBC need to allocate more debate time to Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. These two gentlemen are the most qualified in the Republican field of candidates.

The Republicans will lose in 2008 if either of the flip-floppers Romney or Guiliani is nominated

This comment is in reference to Tom's ad that was run during this debate. It's unfortunate that the ads had a thirty second limit - as Tom has not only stood up to Geraldo, but he's also faced Rick Sanchez, Alan Colmes and many other so-called media professionals who attempt to confuse the public about illegal immigration! Tom Tancredo is in a league of his own on this issue and Americans who are joining the movement to take back our country should give Tom Tancredo the credit he deserves!

It's a good day for American citizens to donate to Tom's campaign to secure our borders, end illegal immigration, bring jobs back to America and take back control of the U.S.A.!

Excellent job by the TANC!

I was fortunate enough to attend the debate. While there is no doubt about the bias I have in favor of Rep Tancredo I believe I can also remain objective in my comments.

I thought Rep Tancredo came across well and given how seldom he was called upon and only given hurry up 30 second response opportunities at that it is amazing he is able to get out as much of his message as he does.

He gained an extremely favorable response on the issue of Government Spending when he responded to the going to Mars question.

Even the majority of party elites seem to get that Government Spending and Corporate Welfare are out of control.

We all know that if space travel/exploration was so profitable GE, United Technologies etc. would not want the federal government anywhere near it. The investment bankers would monopolize the effort instead of allowing taxpayer funding for it.

Corporations are nationalizing the expense and personalizing the profits. Don't agree then hold up the Handheld GPS you were given for supporting the space program. Everyone I know that has one paid for it and Garmen tells their sharehlders how profitable they are.

The overwhelming majority of NASA employees should be working in private enterprise. They are capable of satisfying the burden of being productive and should enjoy the rewards for such.

An article about illegal immigration by Rachel Schmalzriedt, 8th grader

I am honored to have met and have become aquainted with this young student named Rachel Schmalzriedt. I met Rachel at the Tom Tancredo meet n greet after the Reagan Dinner Event in Des Moines. I overheard Rachel telling Congressman Tancredo about this particular article she wrote for her middle school class and how she researched the information from www.teamtancredo.org.

Let me tell you all how intently Mr. Tancredo listened to Rachel talk about her research. He and I were equally impressed by her. I snapped a couple photos of Tom autographing his book, "In Mortal Danger" for Rachel, and also a picture of Rachel, her stepdad and her sister. I just wanted to let everyone know how inspired I am by this young teenager and how I find it very remarkable that Rachel is so interested and involved with politics and our country's sovereignty at age 13.


Repealing the 14th Amendment

75% of all Americans pay 85% of all the taxes. The rest of the 25% of people only pay 15% of the taxes. These people that are paying so little, the illegal immigrants, are stealing from the American people. In 2000, the INS estimated 7 million illegal aliens living in the U.S., a number that’s growing by half a million a year. Illegal aliens are in our country ILLEGALLY, thus meaning: they are breaking America’s laws and violating our rights and values.
Illegal immigration is causing loss of jobs for Americans, wage depressions, stress on school systems, higher medical costs, higher expenses for the nation’s prison system, increased gang activity, and increased drug use. Why would we want to grant children of parents that are breaking America apart, “citizenship at birth”? I don’t consider hopping the border is doing anything to deserve it. Also, as Americans, we believe in equality, correct? How can we treat illegal immigrants equal to the working citizens of America? These criminals that are having kids left and right and are taking advantage of the birthright citizenship, do NOT deserve to be treated the same as a licensed, tax paying; LEGAL citizen.
As an illegal alien, you most likely do not have much education. Thus meaning, they mostly work for less than minimum wage. Again, earning an income of less than minimum wage and usually having at least 3 kids, they only get stuck paying a few thousand dollars a year in taxes and also deduct $1000/kid. With the Earned Income Tax Credit, applying to many illegal aliens, they not only don’t pay taxes, they get about $1,200 back in their tax returns. These 20 million illegal aliens are stealing from the citizens of American who work long and hard days to earn enough money to put food on the table and pay their taxes. In reality, the wealthier tax payer is contributing to the education costs of these illegal aliens’ children. As a soon tax payer and an American citizen, I am not happy about paying for criminals’ education. Therefore, we need someone to step into office and take over and deport these illegal immigrants NOW. There will be no country left pretty soon if they don’t get out of here. It is over my boundaries as an American citizen to pay for these peoples’ health care, education, taxes, and lives; when in reality, they are stealing from me.
I would love to see the 14th amendment of the Constitution repealed. America is being broken in half and our culture is going to not be there one day; and that day is soon if we don’t get our country in shape. We don’t know the criminals from the non-criminals anymore. We have these millions of illegal aliens here abusing the taxpayers, and our government is forcing us to support these people. Why do I believe in repealing the 14th amendment? Because it would return power to the individual citizen, and to the states in which we reside.

-Rachel Schmalzriedt, 8th grade
Des Moines, IA

Rachel - That is a well-written essay with an excellent message! It's obvious you have put a lot of research and thought into the problem of illegal immigration and how it's affecting the citizens of the United States of America. You should be very proud of yourself for speaking your mind in such an eloquent manner. I'm sure that your parents and family, your school and your community are very proud of you too! Congratulations for a job well-done! I hope you continue to be politically knowledgable and informed, and hopefully, one day you will run for public office. Unfortunately, half of the eligible voters in this nation do not take the time and effort to become as informed as you have done. I wish you continued success in school and thank you for sharing your essay!

Sovereignman, Glad you were able to attend the debate! I know how hard you have worked campaigning, recruiting and blogging for Tom on all the websites. Thank you for attending on behalf of Tom. I hope you were able to meet him.!

We are all told that the Republican party "Front Runners" are three or four liberals. If this is true, we must believe there is no longer a Republican party, but just 2 Democrat parties. It is more than obvious to me that the media powers have effectively black listed the true conservatives in the race. In other words, the Republican party no longer wants, or thinks it needs, my vote, or my money.
Moral to the story: I'm voting for Tom Tancredo if I have to put his name on the ballot myself. I am a conservative & I am going to vote, CONSERVATIVE! I hope Tancredo & Hunter do a tag team on this bunch of phonies and we can find away to get them in the spotlight, even though the spot light is owned by the media mogals.

Wayman - Many of us Tancredo supporters who have been posting here for months agree with you! I can NOT support the upper-tier candidates - from either party! I continue to have faith that American citizens will figure out who the true conservatives are! If I don't see Tom Tancredo's name on the ballot, I, too, will be writing in his name!

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