31 October 2007 at 2:48 PM EST

Vicente Fox Comments

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made the following statements the other day during a stop in Iowa.

During the student panels with Fox Friday, Tara Runghee asked the former Mexican President for his reaction to a quote by Republican President candidate Tom Tancredo on his campaign web site. "Illegal aliens threaten our economy and undermine our culture... as President, I will secure our borders so illegal aliens do not come, and I will eliminate benefits and job prospects so they do not stay."

"He should not have a Spanish name," Fox said of Tancredo.

"We need to work on a guest worker program similar to what Mexico has with Canada. The people go up for 6 or 9 months, are sheltered then flown back home. No one wants to leave their country. Trust me, they would much rather be closer to family and friends enjoying tortillas."

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This former president of Mexico will continue to make the same kind of remarks for the next upteem years, until every one of his countrymen are living off and through the United States, and he can somehow continue to justify it all.

He hasn't done his homework as far as the origin of Tom's name and family.

No wonder President Bush and former President Fox get along so well - they speak the same language. Makes me wonder how they got elected.

Say what? "No one wants to leave their country." The last poll I heard about on this subject said that 70% of adult Mexican's would leave for America if they had the chance. Mexico has some serious problems and we are allowing them to delay or wholly avoid solutions by having what amounts to an open border policy. Not only will Mexico not resolve their problems, but the same problems are now manifesting themselves within the U.S.

This goes to show how ignorant or better, stupid Vincente Fox is.

"No one wants to leave their country"?????? Didn't I read recently that 30% of Mexico's labor force was in the United States? Are they not sneaking in here by the thousands every day?

Who was VF pimping for in Iowa?

Is Fox a Spanish name?

I could not believe how the city of Storm Lake welcomed Mr. Fox. It seems to me like he is telling us how to run this country. He said we should build bridges and not fences. The bridges he is talking about only go one way and that is to here (the USA)


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