29 October 2007 at 12:47 PM EST

Tom's Retirement from Congress

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As many of you have learned, Tom is retiring from Congress and will not seek another term.  Just to be clear, this does not effect his campaign for President.  He will continue to campaign hard, GO TOM!

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Tom really does live up to what he means. He had said a few years back that he would not return to his Congressional seat, but he returned because he had agendas he needed to complete.

No matter what happens, we know he will continue on the path to defend our country, whether it is as our President or as a private citizen.

We support you in whatever decisions you make, Tom.

So the "Tanc" is going to need a job? Hey..lets make him president! I am sure he would be a "Great one" for the people of America. So off is my $25.00 contribution to "Tancredo for a secure America" for October. This is the seventh month I have contributed to Tom Tancredo for his campaign. If "TANCREDOS" growing army will all make a $25.00 a month it would have a large IMPACT!

Why is he retiring? If he doesn't win the presidency, that's just one less person in Congress who will fight against illegal immigration and the invasion of our country.

I find this news very disappointing.

Thanks for pioneering this fight in congress.I think you helped wake up alot of people and encouraged future polititions to continue the fight with what is the greatest threat to our country Illegal immigration,and parts of so called legal immigration.Thanks Tom for all you do .

I agree with Dave from California. Let's make him president. I also feel sad that he is not running for congress as who else will fight against illegal immigration like he has. Well I am going to think positive. Mr. Tom Tancredo will be the next President of The United States Of America. If all of us little people who are the true American Citizens of the United States donate to Tom even a small amount; I think it will make a big difference. God Bless Tom Tancredo!

I was a little disappointed, too, when I heard this news first thing on the radio, but when I read that Tom had a peace about it I felt better. Right now Tom is running for his next job and he doesn't need the "worry" about running for his Congressional seat at the same time. May God Bless Tom on his exciting journey to the White House - and may we all get an invitation to the inaugural ball and the Oval Office!

Tom, I am so sad you are leaving Congress, you are by far probably the BEST Congressman I am aware of. I surely wish you to be my President, you have all the qualities and values I look for and want in the President. I really believe everything you say, you really mean. You are a true American, and you can bring America back to it's senses. We are so sick of the Lies, Corruption, and blowing our sovereignty off. You are the integrity we need to get back the Constitution, and be the powerful country we were. We really need you. Please continue to help us. Marie

I hope Tom makes it for President, we really need him. I read yesterday if he does not win the bid for President he will run for Salazars seat in 2010 for the Senate. We could really, really use him in the Senate. Whatever you do Tom I am sure you will have all of us in mind. Thank you

For heaven's sake, Tom, STAY IN CONGRESS.

Sadly, Tom CANNOT win the nomination. I am glad that he is still running to make the very important (frankly, most important) immigration issue known, but he can't win.

If he is giving up his House seat to focus on the Presidency, it's a fools errand. If that is the case, I think he ought to withdraw and turn over his support to Duncan Hunter, the remaining candidate who most gets it on the immigration issue. After that, maybe Fred Thompson I am not sure.

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