17 October 2007 at 1:38 PM EST

Prince William approves laws denying illegals

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This is the County where my home town is located, so this literally hits home for me.


Prince William County, Va., early this morning gave final approval to some of the nation's most stringent immigration laws after yesterday's Board of County Supervisors meeting.
At 2:30 a.m., after more than 12 hours of testimony from hundreds of residents and others, the eight-member board unanimously approved measures to deny county services to illegal aliens and authorize police to check the immigration status in all arrests if there is probable cause to think that a suspect has violated federal immigration law.

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Very good step towards a huge problem. The elected officials over there have really acted upon a grave issue. I just hope that Police check for immigration docs based on some solid reasoning and not just based on skin color.

This is great news as I had corresponded with some of the people from this county in Virginia. They struggled with talk and meetings on this for months. I offer my congratulations to the Board of County Supervisors and the people of Prince William County. Maybe this part of the country will now have some mass exoduses.

It's good news for you Alan, as well. Thanks for posting it for us.

This posting is from an article that appeared on Outragedpatriots (By Joel Hirschhorn CLOUT INDEX
Published Oct 11, 2007), and it goes along with what states are trying to do now, as Prince William County has done.

Senator Glenn McConnell from South Carolina is trying to get the states involved in a Constitutional Convention, under Article V of the Constitution, to control illegal immigration.

Among the millions of Americans frustrated with the refusal by the federal government to forcefully control illegal immigration is South Carolina Senator Glenn McConnell. As President Pro Tempore of the Senate McConnell has explained why he is calling for the nation's first use of the US Constitution's Article V provision for a convention of state delegates to propose constitutional amendments.

"While this action is unprecedented, I also believe that the danger facing our country is unprecedented. We need to act now. ...Congress has refused or is incapable of acting, thereby leaving the states in the position of burning while Congress fiddles. ...the problem of illegal immigration is one that has reached a boiling point," said McConnell, a Charleston Republican.

He notes that if his resolution is approved by two-thirds of states it "would require Congress to call for a constitutional convention." What McConnell has not said, however, is that for many decades Congress has refused to obey Article V and call a convention that sufficient states have already asked for. The one and only requirement in Article V has been satisfied and Congress has no discretion in this matter.

McConnell's proposed constitutional amendment has these provisions:

1. No provision of this Constitution, or any amendment thereto, shall restrict or limit any state from enforcing federal law with regard to immigration violations. In the absence of proof of legal citizenship status, a state may decide what governmental services funded in whole or in part by the state may be provided to or denied from any undocumented alien located within the state's respective jurisdiction. States shall also have any power to regulate illegal immigration that has not been specifically preempted by an act of the Congress.

2. In implementing the provisions of this article, each state shall have the authority to prescribe civil and criminal penalties in addition to any provided by federal law for entering the United States illegally.

It takes small steps like this to conquer large mountains! Now let's pray some judge doesn't take it upon himself to rule it unconstitutional, after the lawsuits start rolling in.
(Help Tancredo supporters! I'm becoming a pessimist and a fatalist!)

Patrice, don't become a pessimist and a fatalist! I started feeling that way about Tom's campaign about two weeks ago but I still check the blog to see what is going on. My thoughts have changed to positive ones though. Especially in this past week I have started to see more and more people catching on to Tom's message. I think it is great that Tom was the first MAJOR candidate to sign up to be in the NH Primary. I think that is great publicity and I believe people are going to start hearing Tom's name more and more. We need to ALL believe that Tom will place at least in the Top 2 in the first primary. (It is better to have a higher goal than a lower) I have been seeing new names on these blogs too even on other sites I go to. Remember thoughts become things and gratitude and positivity is the key to life. God Bless Patrice and God Bless America! GO TANC GO! I am so excited to see the TANC roll to bigger and better things in the months ahead.

Every time I hear Tom, it warms my heart. His words come from the heart and imperfect as it is, his speech gives me hope for America. With Tom, America cannot go wrong. Add to that The illegal-immigration-torch-bearer Rudy, the opportunist Romney, and adultry-is-fine Hillary and Tom stands out like a shining star.

With Tom, my choice of 2008 candidates is so much easier; for a good reason.

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