05 October 2007 at 6:50 PM EST

Presser Pics

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Special thanks to Caree who took these great pictures from the press conference today!



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I see some familiar faces in that support group. Wish I were there! Thanks, Tancredo supporters, for showing up in Des Moines to support Tom with this endeavor. Also, Caree, thanks for sharing the pictures.

This pesky patriot drove all the way from Omaha to hear and support Congressman Tancredo speak to the issue of the judges ruling of gay marriage. As usual, Tom did not disappoint and held his own when he was heckled by a gay rights activist. Kudos, Tanc!

I vote for Caree to be the award winning photographer....

For the Tanc's army.

Giv'em Tanc!
Till they run, for the border.

I think Tom did a great job! I have no idea what Mike Keller was thinking. What makes them think that the door is just going to open to just anything.plus like he siad, majority of Americans do not want the definition of marriage expanded beyond a man and woman.

It looks like nobody came out for the press conference. What's up? You have to advertise these things at least 5 days in advance. Promotion goes a very long way. Tom Has my Vote no matter what, but it would be a whole lot more meaningful if there were lots of people in the photos and behind him supporting his views. At least make it look like there are tons of people. THEN, there will be later on. That's how it works. People are afraid to stand behind him even though they know he is right, so if people thought that they were not alone they would all start to stand up for what is right. You know what I mean? Thank you. GO TANCREDO!!! -Davey

It looks like nobody came out for the press conference. What's up? You have to advertise these things at least 5 days in advance. Promotion goes a very long way. Tom Has my Vote no matter what, but it would be a whole lot more meaningful if there were lots of people in the photos and behind him supporting his views. At least make it look like there are tons of people. THEN, there will be later on. That's how it works. People are afraid to stand behind him even though they know he is right, so if people thought that they were not alone they would all start to stand up for what is right. You know what I mean? Thank you. GO TANCREDO!!! -Davey

Thanks for taking those good pictures, Caree. It means a lot to those of us who couldn't be there. We hope you are feeling better.

We thank Tom for going to the Capitol steps to represent and stand for the Marriage Amendment. He is always there to support the people, no matter what the issue.

Keep on tancin!

Check out this cute little video that james4tancredo just posted:


He saw a hot air balloon in NH the morning after the Saturday men's gun shoot. He was impressed by the scene, so he took pictures and video. His wife mixed a video, with some Christian hymns, Bible verses and pro Tancredo statements.

Share it with other Tanc supporters too.

I will do my best to ensure Tom and Jackie see this.
At the Des Moines event last night, Tom started the meeting off by leading up all in prayer. It was another misty eyed moment for me, one of many when I see Tom Tancredo. He touches my heart so deeply with his beliefs. He is the real deal folks!

Enjoy and please comment to James4Tancredo on here how much you appreciate the video! So very amazing and talented James and his wife are.! Thanks James for sharing this. It was very touching.

Keep on Tancng......

Calling all TANCS ....

Bashes..... is hardly true

shouting match is completely false!! Tom was heckled by a gay rights activitst. Tom was completely respectful and composed and he didn't back down to the hecklings of Mike Keller.

KCCITV DesMoines -Show Tom some respect!!

I was there , I have it the press conference on video. I will post on youtube soon. The wording in this article's headlines and context is absurb!


Tancredo Bashes Judge's Ruling Against Marriage Act
Candidate Says Iowans Should Take Power Back

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republican presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo denounced a Polk County judge's ruling last month that says marriage between gays is OK.Tancredo held a news conference Friday morning on the Statehouse steps. He ended up in a shouting match.


It takes a TANC to run our country with morales!!!

2008 Presidential Candidate Weekly Poll
Results posted Tuesday evening

Calling all Tancs.... in a good way. Support this journalist and website, fellow Tancers. Thank you!

Now. this is fair and balanced reporting, Thank you for reporting the facts, M.E. Sprengelmeyer!!

I had the great pleasure of meeting M.E. at the event. I was so excited to meet him and thanked him for hosting the live web chat with Tom during the democratic debate. I told M.E. that Tom supporters follow his column religiously and I urge you all to as well. M.E. is very professional, very fair and he states the facts! M.E. interviewed me at this event and I had my picture taken with him. I told him he was famous and well respected by Team Tancredo!!

I was at the event. Tom shrugged the heckler off, just as this article says. The Iowa media made Tom out to be outraged and confrontational which is completely false!


by M.E. Sprengelmeyer
A gay rights backer briefly interrupted Rep. Tom Tancredo's press conference on the steps of the Iowa Statehouse on Friday, questioning his call for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Tancredo shrugged it off and finished his remarks, saying there was new urgency to amend the U.S. Constitution because of an Iowa judge's recent decision that temporarily cleared the way for gay marriage in the state.
It takes a TANC to lead our country with morales!

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Hey Caree, THANKS a LOT. These are beautiful pictures, showing Tanc people stand with him.

Alan, these beautiful pictures are blowing the blog.

Take Care,

Welcome new bloggers Nettie from Omaha and Davey Love.
Keep blogging, please,
We had less than 3 days to pull off two events on Friday and they both were very successful. Yes, we would love more time to prepare however we jump at the chance to have Tanc visit our state!

Thanks to Karen from AZ for putting the much needed how to post comments (blogs) directions on here. I always urge supporters to blog when I see them in group events and alot of them say they don't know how. So I asked Karen to direct them,
as always,
if you try to comment and you have problems, email me
and I will call you and talk you through it .
I am tancsarmy(at)yahoo(dot)com

Wonderful Job, Karen! Thank you!


It takes a Tanc to lead his army!
This is exciting stuff everyone!
Keep on Tancng.....

Welcome Michael Sandbloom, to the blog , as well.
Tancs ... for joining Tom's blog.
fyi, we call Tom "Tanc" so alot of supporters are using the term Tanc as a slogan.....
Gotta love it!

I must give a shout out to my neighbor Warren Balz who fixed my virused laptop in a moments notice over the weekend. I went to pay him for his services and his comment was "You are supporting a Presidential Candidate that I have read about and he's a good person. Consider my services as my donation to Tom's campaign."

Tanc you, Warren!

( I may have to explain that one to him- he will think I misspelled Thank you).

God Bless the U.S.A!

Daily Outrage
thanks to Tanc supporter Roger in Gulfport MS


Man drives through wall; gets DUI arrest

Friday night around midnight, a man driving a Nissan Pathfinder plowed through a building on U.S. 49 at Ashley Road in Orange Grove, destroying a hair salon that had just opened. No one was hurt, Gulfport police said.

The driver was Alexander Garcia Contreras, 26, of Oaxaca, Mexico. He was arrested for driving under the influence, having no insurance or driver's license and leaving the scene of an accident. He is currently at Harrison County jail in lieu of $1,920 bond.

The building, at 12342 U.S. 49, houses Strojny and Strojny Financial Services and Just Your Style Salon, among others. Building owner Jane Strojny and salon owner Debbie Kilpatrick said police told them the man and his passengers may have stolen beer before the accident. The SUV crashed through the financial office's door and ended up in the salon, said Strojny. She said police remained at the scene for hours until the car could be removed and the storefront could be boarded up.

"The police were great," she said.

Stylist Jeneen Malley said one hair station was reduced to rubble and the mailroom was ripped apart. Strojny's door ended up in her station. Kilpatrick said the damage will force her to close, and customers can call 228-832-3088 in the meantime.

"It's awful. We just opened Aug. 1," said Kilpatrick. "We're hoping to get the building repaired in two weeks."

Strojny said with the upcoming Oct. 15 tax deadline, business will continue out of their Biloxi office at 2598 Pass Road, 228-388-6596.

However, they had this on the editorial page you'll like this one ==>


Caree, thanks for posting james4tancredo's video. It was awesome, and we appreciate being able to see it, and we thank James and his wife for putting it together for everyone to see. Thanks, again, James.

Also, thank you for the post about KCCITV DesMoines and the supposed shouting match. I am glad you gave them what for. I did the same in an email to the station. Let us know when the youtube video is ready for viewing. That station needs to set the record straight.

In the meantime, keep on tanc'in.

Alan, here is the youtube video of the so called heated exchange between Tanc and the heckler. Tom was so composed , see for yourself.

Iowa Press Conference Tom Tancredo Gay Marriage


It takes a Tanc to tanc a heckler!

Calling all Tancs.

please blog or call ABC GMA - tell them our Tanc needs to do a followup show on this mornings segment , INSIDE MEXICO -he is the ONLY Presidential candidate that belongs on the show as a followup segment because of his long stance against illegal immigration,( you can betcha Romney, Guiliani, Thompson will be invited !)

Did anyone see this? I was irate!


It takes a TANC to secure our borders!

TANC!! You are the man!

Awesome job everyone! Don't you just love how the Tanc charges each issue with a vengeance no matter how un-Politically Correct! He Rocks!

Some people need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE - AND TO ALSO UNDERSTAND WHAT GOD'S LAWS ARE AND HOW WE MUST FOLLOW THEM IN OUR SOCIETY - especially that unenlighted judge! God's laws aren't twisted and our governments shouldn't be either.

Marriage must always be between a man and a woman. Believe it or not this view is held by many Conservative gay people and they are so right on!

welcome Chris Tangle to Tom's blog,

keep on Tancng!

You're welcome, for the hot-air balloon video! Hopefully it will get more traction. :-) It's the kind of inspiring video that should be produced for the campaign. :-) I took the video, however, I give credit for the idea to my wife. :-)

It would have been kinda fun to see The Tanc
give the heckler a roundhouse knuckle sandwich..
It would have made for some colorful headlines- Republican Presidential Candidate Pounds Heckler Into Submission!

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