22 October 2007 at 1:17 PM EST

Orlando Debate Highlights

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Our staff kept track of how many questions and how often they were asked in the debate last night:

Download question_allocation.xls

Debate Highlights:

Hannity and Colmes afterwards:

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Tom was correct when he said he got more time during the interview after the debate. He was only asked 3 questions during the debate. Every candidate should have been asked the same amount of questions. I would like to tell Tom Tancredo to keep on keeping on as he is the best hope to save this country. Prayers said on behalf of Tom, his family and staff and our country.

Special interests groups control the media and their biased reporting. Foxnews runs these debates, (including pre and post debate segments) in order to sway viewers' opinions, in an absolutely unfair and controlling format! Tanc fans need to bombard Foxnews with emails that share our disgust with the way these so-called debates are being run. We need to demand that Tom be front and center, and given equal time!

It is a wonder Congressman Tancredo can contain himself with this stage full of elitist nitwits and their same answers to the same questions debate to debate.

Tom was afforded four measly questions and was all but ignored from start to finish. This has got to be one of the rudest snubs I have ever witnessed. The questions he did answer were perfectly delivered and right to the point. It was particularly enjoyable to see him challenge Rudy Giuliani's baiting with the social security question, and to take a stab at Nancy Pelosi and her idiocy with diplomatic relations. Tom had a gotcha with both of them.

We're not giving up on Tom coming to the forefront in the weeks ahead. We need to get moving for him in every way possible.

TOPIX.NET is a popular forum nationwide. I started threads about the unfairness of the debate on the forum for Des Moines, IA, Nashua, NH, Nashville, TN, Denver, CO, Dearborn, NH, Reno, NV, Little Rock, AR, and Oklahoma City, OK.

Please help keep these threads alive. If posting is slow they get buried.

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