09 October 2007 at 8:23 PM EST

Michigan Debate Highlights

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I hope Tom actually realizes that he MUST win! We NEED him to get the nomination!

Tom Tancredo should be placed FRONT & CENTER in these debates! One of his many strong points in this debate was his statement - Stop pandering to special interest groups. Do what's right and you'll gain the trust of Americans again.

Although no one wants to hear the truth, Tom is very direct regarding deficit spending and cutting. Notice none of the other candidates touched Social Security/Medicare "revisions" like Tom did.

Our Tancredo had all the right answers in this debate! When he makes a mistake on an important issue (like voting for CAFTA), Tom has the integrity to bring it out in the open rather than trying to hide it.

We NEED to elect this man! He will help to restore Americans' faith in our government.

Congressman Tancredo has my vote. I love his attitude on so many different topics, from illegal immigration to his refusal to do bilingual campaigning. Keep up the good work!

We do need him. He gave a lot of substantive answers to some tough issues and even though he was given more questions, the timing and answers had to be delivered quickly, while the supposed "big boys" were allowed a lot more freedom and time with their answers. Tom raised nervous laughter from the elites, but he got his point across, particularly with McCain and the true costs of illegal immigrants.

They all act like illegal immigration is a passing thing, and try to sweep it under the rug when the subject is broached. That's because they really don't want to do anything about it, unless they are just hounded and forced.

Tom will just have to continue to cram it down their throats!

Grading the Republican Debate by Time Magazine (cnn.com):
Tom Tancredo
Grade: C-

Memo to the Congressman:
America will never elect as President a person who seems desperate and upset. Lighten up (or, maybe, brighten up). Once again our broken record says: didn't rhetorically rise up on his one-issue-campaign issue of immigration.

—By Mark Halperin

Do I have to agree with Mark? I definitely not agree with "brighten up" part.

I just recalled how I became interested in finding out about Republican candidate Tom Tancredo. I've realized later, that my views on immigration ( and some other issues) completely identical to his views on this issue, but the first time I've seen him in some report by someone about Congressmen, who has his own opinion for everything. They shoot the report in his office, Tom seemed very relaxed, was joking and laughing about something and also was smoking Cuban (maybe not) cigar. The image was so attractive, that it has completely changed my opinion about politicians in Congress, as not real human beings. I think, that Tom has to be who he is and he will draw more interest and people to his person. Or maybe, in that report he had played someone else.

Alert for Tanc bloggers:

Michael Reagan, son of the former president, is a nationally known talk radio show host. I listen to him occasionally, and it was actually on his show that I first heard about Tancredo. On his website www.reagan.com he has several forums running, including one about the 2008 elections. Most of the people posting on the forums seem to suppport Thompson or Gingrich. One recent thread has some Gingrich supporters who are disillusioned with the race now that Gingrich has said he won't run. This would be a good time for Tanc's blogger army to step in and let some people know that there is still one candidate who is worth supporting.

That is our job, Jane. We have got to talk, talk, talk. Write letters to the editor, call local talk radio programs, pester the MSM for more air time for Tom. My car looks like a circus wagon ( maybe I should take some pictures and post them ) I have a bunch of Tom brochures I made myself. I copied the contributor form and folded inside. I wear a TANCREDO '08 t-shirt every time I leave the house. Oklahoma is a closed primary state, so I also have voter registration forms and am urging people who are registered Democrat, to change and vote for Tom in our Feb 5 primary. Work work work.


Here's a link to a great website that honors the U.S. military men and women. The organization is having a meeting in Ottumwa on 10/29.


I urge all TANC supporters to check out the link.

Thomas "Creampuff" Willems
Marcus, Iowa

Bobbie, you are a true patriot! I love what you wrote, about what you are doing for the campaign and for our country!!

...again, "James" was a "James in the Northeast" comment. :-) I was too quick to add the comment, I guess. :-)

I hate to break it to you folks but there is nothing happy go lucky about the current political situation in America today. Its serious, and the majority of the current posse of so-called Republican candidates are not taking it seriously at all. America's in trouble, and they are essentially sitting on the beach watching the future of America sink at a distance. You want cute one liners, go live in Belgium.

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