29 October 2007 at 7:01 PM EST

Lou Dobbs Quote

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The Following is a transcript from CNN's Lou Dobbs, aired over the weekend.  He is talking with Diana West from the Washington Times and Errol Louis from New York Daily News:

WEST: I think it's a very good issue for him, and I think that it focuses people on this issue in a very clear way. Down in my neck of the woods, we just had a recent poll in Virginia, which going to be a very hotly-contested state, said that three-quarters of the likely voters in Virginia consider immigration to be one of the most important issues in the upcoming elections, up from seventh out of 10 the last time they looked at this issue so people are coming into focus here and he's helping that.

LOUIS: He's banking on people not going for the real thing in Tancredo, you know? But there are far more aggressive voices that have a real history on this so he's ...

WEST: Tancredo should get that.

DOBBS: I'm thrilled that you have said that he is the real thing.

WEST: I think he's the real thing.

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As Caree, tancsarmy, would say, He is the real deal, and this transcript from the Lou Dobb's weekend program just proves to me that other people, even in the media, believe that he is. Lou Dobbs needs to endorse him publicly. Maybe he will one of these days.

This is very good press for Tom. Now, just to get it out to the public, those people who can't be bothered getting off their couch, or limit their listening and watching to the MSM.

Of corse Lou likes Tom.Lou follows this issue as well as anyone and knows the real thing when he sees it.Lou dobbs is the only reason why I would buy cable.Thank you Lou for all you do.

A dedicated group of individuals have made a pledge to save democracy by cutting through confusing rhetoric and 30 second sound bits. Project Vote Smart simply asks for unfettered information from the presidential candidates through the Political Courage Test, which is then posted on their website, votesmart.org. All the candidates are required to do is give their positions on the issues that affect the lives of the American public. We should write not only on this candidate’s blog, but on all of the presidential candidates blogs encouraging them to share their vision of America in a simple, coherent way. The deadline for returning the Political Courage Test is just around the corner, October 31st, so lets show candidates we want more than bytes and jabs, we want real answers about real issues that can come from taking the Political Courage Test.

tancredo he is best for immigration

He is definitely the real McCoy. No feathered nests for Tom. He sticks his neck out to get things done.

Big money types who want to control this country's destiny for their own profit without regard to the effects on most people fear Tom.

I would like to suggest adding health care as a major part of your campaign with the following premise. The medical system is not broken society is. DUIs account for half of the auto accidents in America...on this account do what Holland does, one DUI and you lose your license forever, that would sober them up real fast. Similar measures to get tough on drug abuse, child abuse, mothers giving birth to drug addicted and fetal alcohol babies, and yes those not entitled like the illegal aliens would remove a huge burden from the medical system. Trust me that if society is fixed in even a moderate measure the medical system will function like a patient that is no longer being poisoned

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