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I have come to the conclusion that many people do not truly understand what a threat illegal immigrants can be to the United States.  That is why I am going to try and inform as many people as possible through a new link on our website called "DAILY OUTRAGE".  You may notice the news section on our front page there are two links:

10-3 DAILY OUTRAGE: Illegal immigrant blames his robbery on new employer sanctions law


10-4 DAILY OUTRAGE: Immigrant who stabbed man escapes deportation

These are just small examples of what is happening everyday in this country.  In the spirit of fairness and to prove I am not biased, do a simple news search for "illegal immigrant" and see what you find.  I bet that there are more articles like the two above than there are about illegal aliens getting 4.0 averages or being at the head of their class.

Don't take my word for it, click here to do a search!

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my sister from AZ emails me these Daily Outrage Emails from the Phoenix area every single day. You will be bombarded by her outraged emails, I guarantee you.
Great job, Alan.
Love this idea.

It takes a TANC to secure our borders!

This has my sister's (Patrice from AZ) name ALL over it. Thanks Alan for creating this so she will stop emailing me every outraged article she finds. I can now look at all of the articles she finds and sends to you all on one link on teamtancredo. However you should title it (Patrice from AZ) Daily Outrage (TAB).
( Just joking, sister)

In all serious, I have to give all the credit to my sister who recruited me to join Team Tancredo.!! She was a Tanc supporter way before me and she got me on board this spring. Thanks, Patrice, from AZ, for bringing me onboard with Tanc. Proud to be a member of Tom's Army against Amnesty!

It takes a TANC to secure our borders!

I can think of outrageous daily happenings that I read and hear about in Arizona as well. I also read about them on other blogs, and will pass them on to here.

This is a wonderful idea, Alan, and so informative to those who have no idea what some communities and areas experience on a daily basis.

"Keep on tancin"

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I get so tired of hearing "They only come here to work". Some do only come here to work, maybe many only come here to work, but there are more of them than there are jobs. Turning a blind eye to those who "only come here to work" allows the criminal and the diseased to come right along with them.

The biggest criminal is the employer wanting cheap labor, and labor they do not have to pay unemployment insurance for, workers comp insurance for, employer matching social security for.

The employer is contributing to our increased crime rates, our collapsing social services and our overcrowded schools. The employer is responsible for the drunken illegal alien, who may have been deported in the past and returned, who kills an American Citizen. The employer is responsible when when a child is molested by a perverted illegal alien.

We must turn off the light that is drawing illegals to our country and we must close and lock the door to keep more from coming. We must clarify, repeal, amend, the anchor baby law. We must rescind Executive Order 13166. We must elect Tom Tancredo to be the next President of the United States. No one else wants to even talk about getting these things done.

We must pester MSM to help get Tom's message out. They are deliberately keeping him hidden because his message is not what the Council on Foreign Relations wants the people to hear.

I have a buddy who runs a website in Oklahoma called OUTRAGED PATRIOTS. He just reports; this is not a discussion website, but everyone should visit every day and copy the horrific stories he finds and puts up to whatever other forums you want. Dan Howard is an avid Tom supporter.

I cannot stand how opponents of Tancredo claim enforcing our laws does nothing to curb our illegal immigration issues. According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, this metroplex community that works with the federal government is seeing much progress . . ..


Great idea...
But is this site big enough to list all the rapes,murders, robberies, and assaults, that illegal aliens commit, on a daily basis?

This is another great opportunity for us to get Tanc's message out! Thank you, Alan and James for coordinating this effort on Tanc's site. I hope Tanc supporters will also post news and articles about other important campaign issues, as well!

Jeff - You're absolutely right, except now I won't have to spend hours at the computer on several different sites.

TANCREDO supporters - when you read articles, such as the one posted by Jay, remember to post comments at those particular sites, if they allow it.

Bobbie - Is the billboard still standing tall in Oklahoma?

Caree - I may have recruited you to join Tancredo's team, but you're rolling on your own now! Thank you!

Rep Tancredo you are a genuine American Patriot and I am proud to support a man of principle such as you.

As soon as someone will ask Gov Huckabee in a debate what he plans on doing with the 12m or more illegal aliens that are already here you will have another outrage of the day topic. I am sick of hearing about his experience in the Little Rock airport, that doesn't cost honest American Taxpayers billions of dollars a year and thousands of lives.

Vote Tancredo for a Safe, Secure America

Bobbie, would you feel better about someone who broke into your house if they demanded payment for washing your dishes instead of just grabbing the money? Is it any less stealing? Not to mention that to work in the US often the illegal alien also steals or buys someone's stolen SSN. So they mess up someone else's life just because they want to work. Now that sounds like someone who's honest and hard working!

Hey Jeff Mullis,
I agree completely. I think the page will blow the web circuits once everyone starts reporting all of the outrage articles. Team Tancredo website won't have enough space for all of them! I invited Pres. Bush and all political leaders of our country to bookmark this site and read each and every article on a daily basis. They need to hear how outraged American Citizens are about this issue. Better yet, maybe a link should be added to the page so every outrage article that is posted, an automatic email is sent to the President, Congress, Senators and other Presidential Candidates. Bombard their email with these horror stories. Illegal immigration isn't a hot topic for any of them. Tanc is the only candidate that is genuinely concerned about the issue and the sovereignty of our country. It's pretty straightforward to me! Enforce the current laws.

It takes a TANC to secure our borders!

Daily outrage,where do I begin.I work at the high school and we have that ESL program.For those that don't no thats a program that teaches students in spanish.There are many illegal aliens in the class.this might seem minor to some but its the princple of the matter,they have thier own designat'ed lockers close to thier classroom just like the speciel ed does.I grind my teeth when I walk by.There was no catering to ones language it say,in my Grandparents day and we became the greatest country on earth.And now because of things like this and other undermin'ing our great nation is on the decline.My Grandfather who immigrated from Poland and was a pearl harbor surviver use to cry when ever the topic of this great nation would come up.By the way the world war two generation is the one I wish I was from because the country was united.

M Sirag,

What am I missing? Your message seems very contradictory. Please refer to this blog-the DAILY OUTRAGE ARTICLES- are these the people you are blogging about? being....so hard working and honest? Im abit disconcerted.....

It's about enforcing the current laws of America. Very simple.

It takes a Tanc to secure our borders!

I think daily outrage is a good idea; however, the outrage posted for 10-4 was about an incident in the UK. We are already on a steep incline working for change here in USA. I think it will not be possible for us to affect change in the UK, too. Just thought it might be best to focus on our own US problems here, also not to leave door open to misinterpretation.

Keep the heat on Tom! Good Job. LT

Lone Protester, a contractor in South Carolina, has become a displaced worker and businessman in his own town. Illegals from various Central American countries have taken jobs away from him to the point he is on the verge of destitution. There was a rally for tradesmen in California today, that included some information about Lone Protester. Here is that information. I already emailed the company. The information is there for anyone else who would like to address your "outrage."

Quotes from THE LONE PROTESTER - an AMERICAN Tradesman
"I drove almost two hundred miles today looking for work. Everywhere I went it is the same, mostly Hispanics hard at work and only a few Americans at the job sites."
A HIRE AMERICANS Rally is being staged at the Pinnacle Community Home Building Construction Site, Today, Friday, October 5, 2007 in Chino , CA .
September 2007: at the Lennar Home Construction site, Etiwanda, an American tradesman stated that more than 85 percent of the home building workers are Spanish speaking foreign nationals. This is discrimination.
In support of the Hire Americans Rally - at the Chino Gallery Pinnacle Home Construction Site today - could you please call the Pinnacle Communities corporate headquarters at the phone number below and tell them to hire American tradesmen.
Pinnacle Communities
949-609-0740 Phone
15 Enterprise , Suite 250
Aliso Viejo , CA 92656
Read about THE LONE PROTESTER - , an AMERICAN Tradesman
A True American Story
I drove almost two hundred miles today looking for work.

Everywhere I went it is the same, mostly Hispanics hard at work and only a few Americans at the job sites.

In northeast Columbia I drove slowly through a huge luxury apartment complex they are building on Spears Creek Road . As I drove through it I count 80 Hispanics and 9 Americans working outside the buildings. That is ten to one odds. If I had stopped and went inside every building there I would have counted between three and four hundred Hispanics and maybe fifty Americans.

And here I am, going broke, cannot find any work to speak of, and here are four hundred criminals that have invaded my country and state and are stealing most of the work.


Calling all tancs!

Folks - I just rec'd an email alert from grassfire.org reminding us that amnesty bills are getting ready to hit Congress again. I suggest you sign up for email alerts. They're trying to sneak them past us again and again and again and again.

I've thought of another big government program the Socialist can create....

Speed reading courses....

So everyone can read the entire daily crime report committed, by illegal alien invaders.

They are just here to commit crimes, that Americans want do.

I was being sarcastic, Caree. A hard working thief is an oxymoron (ie hard at work stealing other people's hard work). Perhaps I should have added a snort at the end. :)

L Taylor,
Welcome to Tom's blog!
Keep on Tancng!

It takes a Tanc to secure our borders!

I just had an idea concerning the Daily Outrage articles. Is anyone submitting them to sites like Digg.com? Then someone could set this blog up with the button like they have on some sites that says, "Digg this!" I know Ron Paul's supporters have had a lot of success with Digg, so much in fact that many Digg users are a bit tired of seeing items about Ron Paul on there. We should be doing the same thing.

In response regarding the Lone Protester: There is a petition for concerned Americans available to sign at: http://www.americanworker.org/ - The purpose of this particular petition is to save American jobs.

2008 Presidential Candidate Weekly Poll
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Thanks M Sirag for your explanation and welcome to Tom's blog! I was wondering what you were doing on here.....
Glad to have you on blog.

Keep on Tancng.....

I just took a quick test to see which of the presidential candidates share my views and Tom is the only one to agree with me on immigration. As a concerned citizen of San Diego County in California, he definitely has my vote! GO TOM. Thanks PS this is the website for the quick test http://www.wqad.com/Global/link.asp?L=259460

Hey suzzeeb - welcome aboard! I'm a few hours north of you and you're right, Tom's the one.

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