30 October 2007 at 3:20 PM EST

Buchanan on Steve Deace Show this afternoon!

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Our national chair, Bay Buchanan, will be on Deace in the afternoon today around 6:00 PM CST.  Make sure to listen! 

Listen here: http://www.whoradio.com/main.html

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Why are you not posting these media events ahead of time? Just spoke with Frosty Wooldrige who will have Tom on his national radio show tonight and it is not posted yet. Tanc supporters need to know at least 24 hours in advance what is on board for media whether is it TV or radio. I have heard numerous occassions, I wish I knew Tom would have been on, I would have watched or listented to him.
No wonder Tom isn't gaining in the polls. He gets no media supporters since they do not know about his media appearances. Had I not made the call to Frosty, I would not know about tonight's radio show!

I witnessed this one~!

I rode with Christie for 4 days !! She is from Campaign & Elections..... and interviewed Tom. One of my new best friends......

Illegal Alien Foe Tancredo Says 'Pass The Tacos'

Christie Findlay, Oct 30, 2007

Illegal immigrants may be the reason Rep. Tom Tancredo is running for president, but there’s one place he always runs during campaign breaks: Mexican restaurants.

The Republican hard-liner spent half an hour debating various options for a good Mexican dinner after a campaign event last week in Muscatine, Iowa. The problem? His first pick, Mami’s Authentic Mexican Food, had recently participated in a “Boycott of America” march advocating amnesty.

He and his staff ultimately settled on Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe. “In Denver, we always go to Three Amigos, Dos Amigos, Two Tostados—something like that,” he told C&E over a table laden with enchiladas and margaritas.

“In D.C., we go to El Paso in Arlington, just off Glebe Road.”

To revive after his impassioned speech that night for strengthening America’s borders, the congressman asked the waiter for beef soft tacos. He didn’t bother looking at the menu, noting that he always orders the same thing.

Tancredo, who just announced he won’t seek a sixth term in Congress, is known for a finely-honed sense of irony about his one-issue candidacy.

When his Iowa chairman, full-time farmer Bill Salier, recently mentioned he needed help with the harvest, Tancredo quickly offered a suggestion.

“He told me, ‘You should go to Des Moines and get some illegals,’” Salier said, laughing. “He knew how funny that was.”


I do the best that I can, sorry for not living up to expectations.

Believe it or not, we are pretty busy around here.

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