31 October 2007 at 6:39 PM EST

AARP Interview

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AARP asked that we respond to statements regarding a wide variety of issues.  The following will be published in the AARP Bulletin:

AARP Statement:

We believe wellness and prevention efforts, including changes in personal behavior such as diet and exercise, should be top national priorities.

Tancredo Response:

"The key to good health is individual choice and people need to take personal responsibility for these choices.  As President I would encourage the health community to continue their efforts to inform Americans of the benefits of diet and exercise.  Living healthy increases an individual’s quality of life and reduces their health care costs." 

AARP Statement:

We believe Americans should have choices when it comes to long-term care – allowing them to maintain their independence at home or in their communities with expanded and affordable financing options.

Tancredo Response:

"All Americans should be able to decide on how best to care for themselves, and it should be affordable and pragmatic."

AARP Statement:

We believe Americans of all ages should have access to tools to help manage their finances, and save for the future and better, easy to understand information to help them increase their financial literacy and manage their money wisely.

Tancredo Response:

"Americans of all ages should have such tools available to them and the last I looked, you could find it on every other corner of most towns, in cities, in the local banks and other financial institutions.  Additionally, considering the job the federal government has done in managing the finances of our nation, I would suggest it is in best interest of Americans to get this information from the private sector."

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Tom is always pragmatic and supports individual responsibility rather than government issued programs.

As far as personal health care, he is correct, everyone should manage their own health requirements, and if that involves finding a health insurance policy that covers their needs, they need to investigate and research the best possible plans and medical professionals, along with their own self care plan.

Awesome response to the final statement! No-one should be looking to the federal governemnt to help them "increase their financial literacy"!

AARP and members need to realize that without a safe and secure America, all other issues are secondary--ie health, care, social security etc. Unless the southern invasion is stopped all of these issues beome moot!!

Good comment Nancy,You have to stop the enemy with in and undermining before you can even be efficient and exist as a country.Yes,it is mostly from the south but it is coming from everywhere.I just wanted to remind everyone that not long ago there were thousands of illegal alien protestors marching in our very citys streets waving mostly Mexican flags until latino lobbyist and spanish radio DJ's encourage them not to and wave American flags because WE THE PEOPLE WERE ANGRY .DO they really think they fooled us to this new approach.The simple fact is that most of the illegal's don't really care to become Americans and don't really want to let go of thier country of origin ,they are here for the money and will try to to do anything in order to stay and work her including a front.To make matters worse is we have a goverment that just stood by and actuly will give aid and services that they are not required to pay back (free)no not free but at us tax payers

Great comments Kay & Nancy!

I live in Sunny Florida. Many of my neighbors are happily retired and maintain their lifestyle based on taxpayer funded benefits.

Several months ago I began putting out Tancredo For President Flyers. Several people contacted me about this. They would lead off with I like what he says about illegal immigraiton but what will he do about medicare etc.

I would let them give me the AARP socialism at any cost speech and then tell them Tom Tancredo is going to do everything he can as President to keep illegal aliens from qualifying for social security and medicare benefits so that what you receive does not have to be diluted in order to pay them. The immigration policies the other candidates running for President will cause a dilution of benefits to occur.

So, in the future when you see an illegal alien don't look at them as representing a way to get your lawn cut $5 cheaper. Instead look at them as costing you a $6 reduction in your Social Security payment.

Tom Tancredo is right there is nothing wrong with having an issue and Thank God his is doing what is best for America!!!

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