19 September 2007 at 9:46 AM EST

Today's IQ: Mitt Romney

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Sidenote: What race is Mitt Romney running in?

"This incident underscores the pressing need to strengthen the enforcement of our current immigration laws. I strongly disagree with the other candidates in this race who are dismissive of increased enforcement efforts and continue to defend sanctuary city policies that weaken our border security efforts and create zones of protection for illegal immigration. Those policies are wrong and the defense of such policies highlights how a 3 million illegal immigrant problem became a 12 million illegal immigrant problem."

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To: all of Tom's die-hard supporters and bloggers.

I've been asked by Iowa Team Tancredo Campaign Management to post links such as the following and request national bloggers in support of Tom Tancredo.


Ok, Tanc supporters, do your thing. You are supporting Tom's IOWA campaign and we, the campaign staff, appreciate all you are doing! Thank you for your on-going help and support!

Caree from Luther, IA
Iowa Team Tancredo 08
Campaign Staff

Caree, I clicked on the link, but could not determine where you need us to post. I clicked on opinions > blogs> forums and couldn't see anything. I have been posting on the Des Moines Register forum.

Bloggers needed!! USE THIS LINK INSTEAD!! The link it actually all 3 lines ending in .txt.

Ms. Bobbie, sorry, the rest of the link was cut off in the previous message. Here is the entire link. thank you! Sorry but this blog keeps cutting it off. I will email it to you instead.


I tried to post on this as well, and I registered for the forums and was told I would be sent a confirmation, so I am going to continue to try to post as soon as I receive notification.

I, too, am posting on the Des Moines Register. Both Bobbie, I and Dakota have posted on Council on Foreign Relations, Tom Tancredo in Iowa, and on Sanctuary Cities are not the Real Issue...

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