23 September 2007 at 12:01 PM EST

Tancredo on XM Satellite Radio on Monday Morning!

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For those of you who have XM satellite radio, Congressman Tancredo will have an interview on the inaugural 2008 POTUS Election channel tomorrow!

On the very first broadcast, in the very first hour, his interview will be on some time in the 6 AM hour and again in the 9AM hour!

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I'm excited about this station. I'll be tuned in to listen to Tanc, for sure. Thanks for communicating this to the Tanc supporters 24 hours in advance. Nice job, as always. Thank you providing Team Tanc with all the current events on the blog.

Does any one no how to get some Tancredo campaign signs out there because I want to already put one on my lawn and around my town?I am also calling all the not so great senaters and giving them an ear full about sa2919.Can you believe there back at it again and so fast.It just shows you what where up against.everybody keep up the fight.Pete another califonia refugee in Idaho.

The following article link has nothing to do with the satellite blog however it does have to do with Tanc's recent visit to Missouri. Way to go, Tanc!

Crowd cheers as Tancredo blasts illegal -- and legal -- immigration in U.S.
By Jo Mannies

frontenac — Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., asserted Friday that his anti-immigration message, which brought a crowd here to its feet, is also dragging down his Republican bid for the White House.

Why? "Money," or rather, lack of it, replied Tancredo, as he mingled with the audience of activists with Eagle Forum, a social conservative group holding a national meeting this weekend at the Frontenac Hilton........

Martin Peterson from California....
please email me at tancsarmy@yahoo.com, I will see what I can do for you. I work for Team Tancredo in Iowa.
thank you,

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