06 September 2007 at 11:10 AM EST

Tancredo on Jennifer Horn Right Now!

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Listen now-11:10 AM-12:00 PM EST


Call in and ask him a question: 603-883-9900!

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This interview was short but informative, and Tom was in good spirits. His explanation of why he could not support No Child Left Behind was valid and informative. His belief that education should be out of the hands of government and brought back to the state and individuals, and his continued explanation as to how that would work was extremely valuable. He did not have a lot of time to answer all the questions that were asked, but he at least was able to make his stance on turning around the education system in our country.

Thanks to Tom for appearing on Jennifer Horn's program. He really is good with these radio spots, and is so reflective with his comments and answers to questions.

Go Tom!

I was fortunate enough to listen in on the last 20 minutes of this radio interview. Tanc always impresses me regardless of the subject he is speaking about. I wholeheartedly agree with his stance on education, that the role of the government should be limited and left to the parents.
I've had the great pleasure of working directly with Tanc in Iowa and he is so NOT an "I" person, unlike the other candidates. Did anyone count how many times Rudy Guiliani said "I" during last nights debate?


Tanc is far more interested in the soveriegnty of our country and getting his message heard than he is about bragging about what he has accomplished!

Keep rolling Tanc! Your Army is behind you and from what I can see, it is growing in numbers by the day!

Mr. Tancredo,
I sent you an email about a month ago pertaining to my concern about our wounded troops coming home, and red tape they incounter, not getting they help they need. I got a form letter from your office that didn't even acknowledge the issue I was concerned about...wow! welcome to politics. I guess you are more concerned about "other issues!" I will find out who has our troops as number one one their agenda
and dialoge with them...and vote for them....I'd appreciate something of a real answer from you...if not you can forget about my vote and I'll spread the word......

Tom Brown,

We spend a lot of time and money to respond to the hundreds of letters we receive everyday. I'm sorry that you did not get what you are looking for, perhaps I can help, what specifically is your question?

Also, are you sure you sent it to the campaign and not his Congressional office? While I don't know their particular policy, we try to send a personalized message answering questions every time.


Sounds to me like Mr. Tom Brown wrote to the Congressional office and not the Campaign office. The response he got is what you'll typically get from any Congressman or Senator's office. It's because their staff only send out form letter responses instead of custom letters.

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