06 September 2007 at 7:11 PM EST

Tancredo on Hannity and Colmes after the UNH debate

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I didn't like this interview. Colmes will never let you talk when you are on his show if you don't agree with his point of view. He is a hardcore liberal and Hannity just kind of sat there listening not adding anything worthwhile to the conversation. Colmes likes the illegals and you will never change his mind. I contacted FOX and gave them a piece of my mind when you were on their show last time. I really think the liberals are threatened by you and your message on illegal immigration. Good for you Congressman! It's time they wake up. This isn't just their country they are trying to destroy.

Seems like Mr. Colmes was going out of his way to make Tom out like he was all for torture. Tom's answer was right on. Also Tom Tancredo has been the one bringing the illegal immigration to the forefront. Now like he said the rest are for Secure borders and against illegal immigration. Tom is a man of integrity he doesn't put others down. Here is hoping he gets more mainstream coverage.

Tom Tom your the Man!
Your the Man to lead this Land!
Tom the voice of Sanity!
In these time of Clamity.


Hey everyone, what I liked about this interview and all of Tom's interviews is that he ALWAYS keeps his cool. He might get heated but he NEVER gets into a yelling match. He states his points which are always from his heart. Tom your an amazing speaker and I think if everyone could hear you speak then there is no way you couldn't win this election. Keep up the great work!

As for the debate, I was pretty frustrated watching it. Tom always answers the questions so well but that means nothing when each question is spread apart by at least twenty minutes. Why I say this is because the viewers don’t receive the whole circle of Tom but only parts. If I wasn't a huge Tom supporter, I don't think I would have even realized he is a candidate in this election. After the debate, Fox News was interviewing people in that cafe. Everyone in the cafe said they were unhappy with the candidates. I truly believe that if Tom was able to speak as much as Mitt, Rudy and John then those people in the cafe would be happy with at least one candidate. I'm sure you all know who that is....TOM TANCREDO!

WE as supporters need to get his name out more. Hopefully, these letters people are writing to Fox News and such will help but it hasn’t worked yet. As I said in a previous post, I think we all need to do our part in writing on different blogs other then this one. Obviously, keep writing on here because it is a way for us to network together but we need to get his name out elsewhere. Where ever there is talk of the Presidential Election, Illegal Immigration or anything about this country write something about Tom and drop www.teamtancredo.com. If we ALL do this then I think we will have a chance of getting his name out more if the media isn’t going to help us. After seeing the debate, I want to do whatever I can to get Tom elected. He is the ONLY candidate that will save our country from this downward spiral.

God Bless Tom Tancredo and the United States of America!

P.S. Thanks Patrice in AZ for the friendly welcome to the Tancredo Team. I appreciate it. Also, is there anyone else in the Chicago area who is a Tom Supporter??

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