06 September 2007 at 7:19 PM EST

Tancredo on Fox and Friends after the NH Debate

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This interview was short but it was an excellant interview. If we all would just listen to what he is saying we would realize that Tom Tancredo is the one with the most credibility. He needs more main stream news coverage. He reminds me of President John Kennedy when Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!" Tom is doing and doing for his country. Lets all get behind him to make this the best country it can be!

Tom Tom your the Man!
Your the Man to lead this Land!
Tom the voice of Sanity!
In these times of Calamity!

Thank you for posting this Fox and Friends interview as some of us weren't able to view it until now.

Tom spoke out on the unfairness of the debate questioning procedure and how every candidate should be afforded equal footing, but are not, and he said that he, and other second tier candidates, deserve to be heard as their message is one of importance to the American people.

We hope Tom will continue to defend his positions directly, in the midst of these other top tier candidates, who have adopted his ideas and have taken what is his and used it to benefit themselves.

Congressman Tancredo, don't give up. This might not be an easy path but if God wants you to be President, you will be President. Nothing in heaven and on earth will be able to stop that. You do your best and leave the rest up to God.



I think, that Tom Tancredo has to run for President of the US on an Independent platform. I've heard, that he even not considering to do that, but in the reality, it is a best thing he can do to draw in the attention of the people, who are not too politically involved , but very sick of the Alice in Wonderland period in history of the US. So many people are not agree with either Republicans or Democrats. Don't be scared, Tom, to do this step, but you belong to people who are for America, not for corporation's power and money interests.

Thank you, Alan, for posting all of Tanc's radio and TV interviews! It is greatly appreciated. The only feedback I would give Tanc regarding this interview is I would prefer to hear him say, 'I KNOW I can add something as a candidate, "rather than "I think I can." I believe in you, Tanc and you don't give yourself enough credit! God Bless You!

This was another great interview! Yeah! Alan and Bay, you might want to encourage Tom to start using the letters "ETL - enforce the law." This is a phrase that Laura Ingraham uses on her radio show and it will resonate with her millions of listeners.

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