19 September 2007 at 6:12 PM EST

Tancredo on Flickr!

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We finally have Flickr!  I am putting up pictures but it will take time as we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures to upload!

Please spread the word, visit the sight and upload your Tancredo pictures to our group pool, and start a conversation!

Link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/teamtancredo/

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My comments don't pertain to this thread, but I want to share a few items because I, like Tom Tancredo, have serious concerns about our nation's future.

A police officer was murdered in Phoenix on Tuesday. Officer Erfle had survived two bouts of cancer and was patroling the streets in Phoenix when he was shot in the face by an illegal immigrant who was a gang member, served prison time for theft and had been deported in 2006! When are all American citizens going to stand up for our fellow citizens and demand action! Call your Senators and Representatives and let them know their failure to end illegal immigration has cost one more previous life!

For anyone still believing illegal immigration is "good for our country", you might want to check out an article found at laweekly.com. Search "The Town the Law Forgot" by Jeffrey Anderson and published on February 21, 2007. The article tells of a L.A. suburb that resembles a Mexican border town, which is overrun with gangs and drug trafficking. The city council members have no control or authority! This scenario could have come straight from Tom's book!

Now we hear that New Jersey has to back off it's illegal immigration crackdown because the legal costs are enormous! There are organizations and special interest groups in this country whose goal is to bankrupt US cities in order to stop their ordinances that attempt to deal with illegal immigration. Are we losing power over our own cities and states?

Nice job, Alan. I have started my uploading.....looking forward to see some of the other event pics!

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