14 September 2007 at 10:17 AM EST

Tancredo editorial in Washington Times

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If you have not already seen the article, Con. Tancredo wrote an editorial that is running in today's Washington Times entitled "Protect America's Children".

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"The law enforcement policies of New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and Newark Mayor Corey Booker — who have ordered the police officers under their authority not to inquire as to the immigration status of the violent criminals they arrest, let alone initiate deportation proceedings — are infuriating, but not unprecedented. As outraged as Newark, New Jersey, and the entire country are over the schoolyard executions of Terrance Aeriel, Dashon Harvey and Iofemi Hightower, we cannot deny that we have seen this kind of thing before. There is, after all, a long and bloody tradition in this country of state and local political obstruction of federal law enforcement that pre-dates the Newark massacre...."

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"Rep. Tom Tancredo represents Colorado's 6th district. He is the founder and former chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus."

Now why did they not identify him as a 2008 GOP Presidential candidate?


The reason is because he issued it through his Congressional office. Campaign election laws prevent the two entities (Congressional and campaign) from intermingling in that manner. However, it is well within our parameters to promote an article that he has written.


I see Alan. Thanks.

What about Robert Menendez, Democrat and Senator from state of New Jersey, the biggest protector and defender of illegal immigration in Senate? I think, we have to start from the top of pyramid: President Bush, Senator Menendez, Gov.Corzine, Newark Mayor Booker... Everybody from this list responsible for what had happened with those 3 students.

As usual, Congressman and Presidential candidate, Tom Tancredo gets right to the point with this editorial, and does it with documentation from historical benchmark examples.

He compares the Newark, NJ tragedy and the complicit actors (Booker and Corzine) to other past historical events and another group of actors (Faubus, Barnett and Wallace) who were complicit in civil rights violations of students in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.

The President's failure to acknowledge the past, and his non intervention in the Newark tragedy, are just further indicators of his blatant disregard of the law and his failure to enforce it.

It is a brilliant article. Well worth everyone's read.


As a resident of New Jersey, I must say that Congressman Tancredo failed to mention the measures taken by Attorney General Anne Milgram, who mandated that all NJ Law Enforcement question the status of anyone arrested for a felony or drunk driving. While far-left Governor Corzine took the attitude of the open borders crowd and said that harrassing illegals would make them less likely to come forward, even he knew the state had to act following the Newark incident.

I was surprised to see this editorial because I considered the issue closed, at least until trial. I'm more interested in the case down in Miami of the young man who is a student at Miami-Dade college. Any update on that?

Great factual article...
God Bless The Tanc

This is a profound editorial by Tom! I especially like the way Tom directed the blame to the one most responsible, who happens to be a member of his own party - our President. His editorial certainly lets his teaching background shine through.

Tancredo supporters - Articles such as this one need to be emailed and shared!

Believe it or not:

ICE Says DeCoster Did Nothing Wrong in Hiring Illegal Immigrants

by Erin Therese
KIMT News 3
Mason City, IA

Immigration officials say DeCoster farms has done nothing wrong following a raid and the arrest of 51 illegal immigrants.

Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided six DeCoster Egg Farms in Wright County. This is not the first time ICE has found illegal immigrants working for the company. The raid was part of an agreement made in 2004 where ICE can do unannounced raids on the DeCoster property.

The majority of people arrested are from Mexico and all but five were men. Many people in the area said they don't think the raids make any difference because they believe the company will eventually just hire more illegal immigrants. A spokesman from ICE said in this case the company has done nothing wrong.

The illegal immigrants who were arrested will be tried in Omaha next week.

Did anyone see the following segment on ABC Sunday Morning news? The news segment featured "Ask A Mexican" anything.


p.s.In addition to the Ask a Mexican anything segment, I ditto this person's post on ABCnews.com.

""""Ask a Mexican? Why do I need to write a newspaper? All I need do is ask ANY neighbor on my block."""

It's time for America to WAKE UP! The sovereignty and future of our country is being threatened. I, along with all of you Tanc supporters, take the illegal immigration issue very seriously. Keep supporting Tanc!!

i am in general agreement with most of tom's positions, but am rather disappointed in the lack of coverage of an energy policy position. this will be the single most important issue in america before too long. oil is hovering around 81 dollars a barrel, unheard of just a few short years ago. i believe, through a massive program of energy efficiency in government and industry, plus a marshall plan to increase all forms of energy production at home, will do more to defeat our enemies than any army could do. a transfer of wealth, if you will, back from the middle east, to us.

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