24 September 2007 at 5:24 PM EST

Tancredo Comments on Ahmadinejad Speech

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Congressman Tancredo today made the following remarks on the recent speech made by Iranian President Ahmadinejad at Columbia University today:

“Ahmadinejad is an international criminal and a leading sponsor of terrorism,” Tancredo said. “This is a man who has contributed directly to the deaths of American soldiers.”

“For Columbia University’s President to host Ahmadinejad on campus under the guise of free-speech while simultaneously barring the ROTC smacks of hypocrisy.”

“Regrettably, Columbia University thinks it’s ok to ban the U.S. military from campus while allowing a terrorist, responsible for killing dissidents in his home country and American soldiers in Iraq, to speak in their auditorium,” concluded Tancredo. “It is quite unfortunate that this is what passes for ‘higher education’ in America these days.”

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This American university, partially funded by our tax dollars will not permit ROTC on their campus. They would not permit the Minuteman organization a minute of time on their campus.

I had to wonder why was our President and his war on terrorist theme, so silent with this terrorist in our country???? AhMADinejad is killing our soldiers and is very passionate and committed in bring down the Great Satan.

Tom, keep up the wonderful work you are doing! You have the passion and commitment we are so lacking in our elected officals.

Free Speech or not. Some things we just don't want to hear. Messages from our enemy is one of those things. I read many of the Columbia Alumni are withholding contributions from this university because of this. Good for them!

Thank you for making this statement, Congressman Tancredo. We are in support of your thoughts, your honesty and the defense of our country over a known sponsor of terrorism.

It is pitiful when you think about someone of his character being allowed to speak at a university while young people in Iraq are being injured or killed by his intervention in the war. The idea of the ROTC being banned from the campus and someone like Ahmadinejad being permitted to speak to the University, is beyond belief. Where has our stamina and gumption gone? Straight down the tubes.

Thank you Tom, for standing up for us and the country. We appreciate your speaking out on his visit.

Bloggers needed in support of Tanc! click on the following link scroll down and start blogging:

Like my sister always says, this country is going down the crapper tube with mindsets like this!, I refuse to give up the fight to save our country!


Human rights in the lens
By: Ed Johnson
Northwest Film Center presents films about world-wide struggleCrossing Arizona

“The Immigration Debate” is an endlessly complicated, puzzling and sometimes repulsive look at economic, racial and xenophobic tendencies in America. It’s illegal immigration, but it’s hardly a black and white issue.

In the film, we hear from the immigrants, activists on both sides of the issue.........(more)

Thousands of people, immigrants who really are just looking for a better life, have died in the desert each year. The responses to these deaths range from “it serves them right” to community activists putting out water along the trail.........(more)..

The film also explores the cause of illegal immigration, which to be blunt (and obvious), is the destruction of small and subsistence-level farming. The cause of this is linked to the North American Free Trade Agreement,..........(more).

The film shows the beginnings of The Minutemen Project in 2005, .........(more).

The height of the stupidity and knee-jerk symbolism in Crossing Arizona comes during the presentation of an anti-illegal immigration rally featuring Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo. He decries diversity and multiculturalism, saying, “Diversity can not be our only goal … it will tear us apart.”Just let that simmer for a little bit.

OK, I’ll call this kettle black and say exactly what Tancredo’s statement is. It’s racist, xenophobic bulls---. It’s exactly the same type of rhetoric that has been used throughout history to gain power and discriminate against those who are unlike the majority.

Crossing Arizona is an interesting and important document of our country’s thoughts on immigration and a very worthwhile film.

I emailed Mr. Ed and gave him a piece of my "racist, xenophobic" mind!

Tancredo supporters - if you haven't visited the abc news link posted above, you should take time to do that and read the entire article! You can leave a comment as well. We all need to show as much support for Tom as we can. After all, Tom is running his campaign in order that we may have a voice!

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