26 September 2007 at 10:19 AM EST

Tanc on C-Span 2 tonight

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Make sure to watch C-Span 2 tonight to see the Tanc's latest New Hampshire event.  I know that sometimes you have to sit around and wait hours before they show it, so my DVR is ready to record it.  I will put it up on the web tomorrow.

Unless something in the Senate happens today that requires coverage, it will be aired at 9:00 PM EST on "Campaign 2008 Tonight"

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Thanks for that information, Alan. My cable provider does not offer CSPAN-2, but I have it bookmarked on my computer. I will be watching.


Hey Tancredo Supporters! I was on MYSPACE last night and I noticed a new "Bulletin" from Tom (the guy who runs MYSPACE) that said, "myspace presidential dialogues on MTV." This is what it said when I opened it....

"Hey everyone! We've partnerd with MTV to bring you the MySpace Presidential Dialogues. The Dialogues are LIVE, interactive events shown both on myspace at myspace.com/election2008 and on MTV.

Over the next several months we will be hosting an event for each Presidential candidate. Here's your chance to ask them the questions on your mind via MySpaceIM or by going to one of the live events held on college campuses around the country!

The first event features senator and presidential hopeful John Edwards. It's This Thursday at noon EST. Add the profile as your friend, and watch the teaser video here! Please participate in this historic event!"

If you check out this site http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=189042058 you will see Tom Tancredo will not be making an appearance on this. Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul and Sam Brownback will though. If you read carefully, in the second paragraph it says, "we will be hosting an event for EACH presidential candidate." We need to demand that Tom Tancredo gets his own dialogue. MTV and MYSPACE are two of the best ways to get Tom's name out to the young American people. Every twenty something and under go to MTV or MYSPACE daily. Young people do not know who Tom is. The majority doesn't even know he is running. They listen to what MTV says and that is where they get their news and views on politics. Let's get Tom on this show to show the youth of America a true leader! I am a 23 year old so I am proof that this is true. If Tom is not on this show, I think that is a huge blow to his campagin.

Alan, can you please confirm that Tom was not invited to be a part of this MTV appearance ASAP so we can get the pressure on MTV and MYSPACE right from the beginning. This is the first time I have heard about these events.

I hope all of us try as hard as we can to get Tom an episode. Please respond about this comment if you think it is a good idea! We need to start networking NOW to get Tom his own MTV/MYSPACE Presidential Dialogue! Thanks everyone! GO TOM GO!!!!

This is our culture, Fight for it
This is our flag, Pick it up
This is our country, Take it back

Tom's speech, and question and answer period, at the Politics and Eggs event in New Hampshire, was enlightening and informative as always. Tom was intent in his purpose and made his point that a President, as leader, can be the true standard bearer of the laws and their enforcement. Tom wants to bring a reserve back to the Presidency, in which our country's heritage and positive characteristics are not displaced by negativity and surrender to political correctness.

The people at the breakfast seemed engrossed in what Tom had to say, and many were speaking with him after the speech, asking questions, and getting autographs.

Thank you for being so committed and strong, Tom. All of us are so proud of what you represent.

Man! I loved Tom's speech at the Politics and Eggs breakfast and the patient way he answered questions from the audience after.

This is THE MAN we need in the oval office, if we could only get MSM to give him more face time so America could get to know him like we do.

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