05 September 2007 at 10:40 AM EST

Press Conference Transcript

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"Legislation has been introduced to make New Hampshire a sanctuary state.  Its time for the Governor to drive a silver stake through this bill and assure New Hampshire will never be a sanctuary state.”

“The legislators behind this effort demonstrate an absolute disregard for the safety of their citizens and for the rule of law.  Sanctuary policies are a violation of federal law and cities and states that declare themselves such welcome into their communities a criminal element.  It is time for the federal government to cut off funds to these entities and prosecute all those responsible for such policies.”   

"Sanctuary policies create safe haven for all illegal aliens, including gang members, drug dealers, rapists and murderers, further exposing law-abiding citizens to greater crime.  According to the Center for Immigration Studies a confidential California Department of Justice study found that 15 years after Los Angeles  declared itself a sanctuary city, 60% of L.A.'s most violent gangs, with membership in the tens of thousands, were illegal aliens.  Of all outstanding murder warrants in L.A., 95% were for illegal aliens."

“The fact that this bill has even been introduced is a dangerous step. New Hampshire needs to keep the NO TRESSPASSING sign up.”

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Mr. Tancredo THANK YOU for caring for America. I don't see anyone else speaking out against these idiotic acts for illegal immigration. You are the CHAMPION of WE the People. God Bless you, Mr. Tancredo.

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