27 September 2007 at 10:26 AM EST

Politics and Eggs, C-Span Interview

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This is a side message in that it would be important if Congressman Tom Tancredo shows up at the candidate forum in Wyoming. Please give it that utmost consideration.

As much as a Tancredo supporter that I am. I have to say he didn't seem at all himself. He didn't seem well, or confident as usual. Maybe a glass of water and some rest!

This C-Span televised event was well worth watching, and Tom, once again, spoke of the illegal immigration debacle and what it has done to our country's infrastructure--educational system, medical care system, and other social service systems.

He was candid and intent on delivering the message that our current President is creating a serious domestic issue in the non enforcement of illegal immigration laws. He said it is at a point where the laws must either be enforced (not ignored), or repealed. Tom as much as said that only a President can steer the country in a different direction, on this issue, by being supportive of the Rule of Law and praising a country rather than torpedoing it with negativity.

As I have said to others, his gracious interaction with people is a part of his personality and he represents what we want so much. He has a certain vulnerability, yet he is strong and passionate about everything he does, so it is hard not to identify with him, and to support what he supports.

Patrice in Arizona, thank you for responding to my post. I think the MTV/MYSPACE Presidental Dialogue is something Tom NEEDS to participate in. Does anyone else agree?

We all need to start sending emails to MTV and MYSPACE to get Tom a dialogue. They are saying EVERY candidate will have their own dialogue. So, unless Tom is not running anymore then he needs to have a dialogue to let the young people of America know he is running for President.

If anyone feels we need to do this, PLEASE write a comment. There has only been one response so far. GO TOM GO!!! WE NEED TOM AS OUR PRESIDENT!!


Tancredo on the Moslem threat in Europe

Gandalf at Up Pompeii cites an interview with Tom Tancredo by a Danish journalist in which Tancredo prescribes the deportation of all Moslems in Europe.

Gandalf links to what appears to be a very leftist blog (which I prefer not to link to directly) as the source of information on the interview. The interview was apparently for a Danish TV series called 'Clement in America' and there may be a video link at some point, but as yet there is not.

Interested readers should check out Gandalf's post at the link above.

If Tancredo did say this, good for him. As usual he is the lone voice in the wilderness among our politicians. Invariably after I say that, someone will always say 'yes, and that's why he can never be elected.' However I am of the belief that we should never say never. Things change, and if we believe that a Tancredo can never be elected, then we may as well say good-bye to America and the West, and just close up shop.

Our ancestors, thank God, did not have that mindset. They created this country in defiance of the odds.

just a reminder let's all share our Tancredo event photos on Flickr.

Karen and Patrice,

We are looking into the MTV/MySpace forums. I will update you all when we know something. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Alan -Don't thank me - give credit to ChicagoSupporter! Let's hope Tancredo can get hooked up with MTV and MYSPACE with his own dialogue. ChicagoSupporter - you are absolutely correct trying to lure in the younger supporters and voters! I am very concerned about our country and the future we are leaving your generation!

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