28 September 2007 at 7:03 PM EST

PBS Debate-Washington Post Article

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Great quote from the Tanc in the Washington Times today!  Check it out:

Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, called for an official apology for slavery and promised to pursue the "symbolism" of a national black history museum.

But those race-directed solutions drew a strong rebuke from Reps. Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, who said the solution is instead to extend freedom and opportunity.

"It is destructive to only talk about the politics of race," Mr. Tancredo said. "It really does not do a service to us as Americans."


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Tom made the central point with this question, and spoke to the audience with unification in mind rather than divisiveness.

All of his points were given from a thoughtful and introspective viewpoint, always with the thought of encompassing everyone, rather than singling out a specialized agenda. Freedom and opportunity were the key points within his answers.

Could Brownback and Huckabee appeased and pandered just a little more at the PBS debate? It was sickening to watch two grown men that thrive to be the president, of the greatest nation on earth, pant and slobber over "race". I thought I was seeing a couple race baiting poverty pimps.
The Tanc's answers and message fits all Americans....therefore he doesn't have to pander to any minority group.
I do believe minoritys respect his bluntness and honesty, even if they don't want to here it.

It is good to see Tom credited in this Post article, and he had some of the best quotes in the debate, particularly about the race issue. He did not want to turn that issue into pandering and promising, but working towards a common goal with all groups of people, which was part of the promise.

It was also good to see Tom stand up for himself in a gracious and humble manner, when he mentioned that he was the lone wolf candidate at the NAACP summer convention. He won some much deserved plaudits for what he said at the debate and the convention.

We're grateful that Tom attended that convention and the debates at Morgan State. Thank you, Tom.

Hey everyone! I want to let you all know that on MYSPACE, the word is starting to spread about Tom not being a part of the MTV/MYSPACE Dialogues. I put up a comment there and people are starting to talk about it. People have even started to message MYSPACE Tom (he runs MYSPACE for people who do not know). If you have MYSPACE, MYSPACE Tom sent a message about the first Dialogue with John Edwards. Please respond to this message and let MYSPACE Tom know that we want to see Tom Tancredo have his own Dialogue. We should all start to email MTV as well. Lets get our voices heard and help get a Dialogue for Tom!

Patrice in AZ, thank you for your support and also what you said to Alan. That was very nice of you. You are the only person who responded about the MTV/MYSPACE Dialogue post on this blog and I appreciate that. I hope more people will start talking about the Dialogues on this blog.


Chicago supporter: Thank you for the suggestion and lead on the MTV website. That is exactly the info we need as Tanc supporters so we can all continue to access these key sites and blog. Its crunch time with less than 3 months to go the Iowa caucuses. We must find new, high activity venues to get Tanc's name out there!!! This is a key one.
Great idea and thank you!
I posted a blog on firesociety quoting your blog above about MTV and getting Tanc supporters involved.Here is the link. http://www.firesociety.com/forum/thread/17927/WE-SUPPORT-TANCREDO-FOR-PRESIDENT-BECAUSE.../?page=4

Thanks again Chicago supporter! Keep up the blogging and great suggestions.

I continue to notice new graphics on www.teamtancredo. Everyone, please note the newest page tab on the top of teamtancredo web pages called EMAIL THIS PAGE!!
Appears you can NOW email any page you are linked to on wwww.teamtancredo.org to any of your friends!!!!
This new version has unbelievable capabilities.
I'm excited to see what is next!

They just can't let the slavery and race thing go can they.It is sad that alot of politicions and activist make a living off of it.When are they going to realize were in this great and unique country together.Is there raceism sure,but it is a minority on both sides. And as far as this museum deal,we don't need a museum for everything that happend in the past.And who isn't tired of the latino activist bringing raceism in the picture when it comes to illegal immigration .It just so happens to be Mexico that borders us and therefore is the main problem.May God Bless America.

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