27 September 2007 at 1:36 AM EST

PBS All-American Forum Tonight!

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Make sure you watch Congressman Tancredo on PBS tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

He will be participating in the All-American Presidential Forum at Morgan State University hosted by Tavis Smiley.


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I thought we read last week that he was not going to participate in this forum???????

Anyone who wants to see Tanc shooting skeet at a NH event over the weekend, please look at this video on youtube. Nice to see another side of Tanc, doing something he enjoys and having fun at it.


Thanks to James4Tancredo for posting this video.

Alan, great article. Must read for everyone.

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I received my new issue of Human Events yesterday, before leaving for work. I did a quick review and found the "Quote of the Week". It just so happened that this quote was made on September 5th, by Tom Tancredo, at the Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire. The quote read: "Political Correctness is going to get us all killed."

I started thinking about this and realized that he was absolutely right. Political correctness is causing the American people to look the other way and not pay attention to what is actually going on around them......

Fred Thompson decides to skip another debate. He is a good actor but proving to be a light weight on the issues. I suggest the Fred stick with acting.

Speak the truth, Tom. Everyone knows that black, white and brown unemployment and violence has a lot to do with the welfare state.

This is the best, fairest format of any of the debates so far. I guess the "top-tier" doesn't care to participate unless they can be guaranteed a time-on-camera bias in their favor. As for our Congressman, he has once again put in an outstanding presentation. TANCREDO '08!

Tom was right on in this debate, and he seemed more relaxed and confident than in previous debates. His answers were short, to the point, didn't stray from the issues,and he showed that ever present passion in his remarks. He received some (much deserved)major applause.

He should be known as the only Republican candidate to show up for a national convention (NAACP).

We're thankful that the other, supposed major players, weren't there. We're thankful Tom was.

Go Tom!

Tom did good tonight! IMO he was the only candidate on the stage who sounded sincere and not "canned". I just love watching him talk about the things that are important to him.

What is up? I thought he was listed as not showing up? As I turned to watch the debate was finishing? Tavis was having a fit because nobody wanted to show for his debate. Tavis you sellout! You never address how illegals affect the black community or how hispanics committ hate crimes against blacks. Whatever happened to Newark Students murdered by illegals? People can get on a bus to support the Jena 6. I guess the idea o long prison sentences gets people riled up but the murder of students dont do much for folks. Why isnt that being called a hate crime? You better believe that if blacks had murdered four illegals they would be screaming from the rooftops that is was a hate crime.

I found the crowd-pleaser of the night being the comment made about "Seeing if the United Nations has the salt to stand up to it's commitments" when it comes to the situation in Darfur. That was easily the "big winner" with the crowd. You could tell they support your effort, as the only Republican candidate, to emphasize Diplomacy.

I believe that you have sparked a great push with your stance of America not being in terms of black & white, but it's ONE color, ONE America. That's what the minority population wants in a candidate. And, YOU are that candidate. So, I believe that you will bring minorities to the polls in your favor as long as there can be more coverage of your stances to the American Public.

I will continue to support you if you don't get the Republican nomination. I WILL write your name in as a "wrte-in" because I won't vote for anyone else. I hope that others will do the same.

Thomas "Creampuff" Willems
Marcus, Iowa

The debate was great! Tom did very well, except he talks too fast. He was the only one on the stage who did not sound 'canned'. He is able to deliver his message in a little bit different way every debate. He is passionate about his issues. All the others are STIFF except Ron Paul. I feel like he is talking down to me. He does not impress me as someone who can work and play well with others.

Tom Tancredo remains my pick of the litter.

I was able to watch Tanc at the All American forum last night on PBS. Good job Tom. You just get better and better. Full steam ahead sir!


The Congressman's advisors thought that our resources were better spend in Iowa, which is why we cancelled in the first place. We were overruled by the Congressman because he gave his word a few months ago on the Tavis Smiley show.

He always keeps his word.


Thanks Alan. We know Tom keeps his word. I am pleased he was there and we could see him matched up with the other "lower tier", and without the fluff of the media decided upper tier.

When Travis closed the show last night, he said "Keep the Faith"

That is the comment Tom wrote in the books he autographed for me.

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