28 September 2007 at 4:24 PM EST

PBS All-American Forum w/ Tavis Smiley Highlights

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Unfortunately I missed the debate, but enjoyed listening to Tom's responses, thanks to Alan's posts! Do any Tancredo supporters have any insight they'd like to share in regards to ALL candidates and their responses? It's very apparent that Tom had a lot of information he wanted to share during the allotted time available, and, as usual, his answers were right on target! Sounds very Presidential!
Also, Alan, will the entire debate be rebroadcast?

This is what I posted on another board, Patrice:

I thought Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee sounded "canned". Maybe I have watched too many debates. Their delivery is stiff and predictible. Sam is probably done. Huckabee's legs are just a little bit longer, but he will not get to the finish line. My opposition to both of them is they now talk about controlling illegal immigration, but they encouraged it in Kansas and Arkansas. They will support some form of amnesty and paths to citizenship and I do not.

I even thought Duncan Hunter sounded 'canned' last night. His delivery is 'businesslike' and 'stiff'.

Alan Keyes is a wonderful speaker. I am not convinced he would be a leader. He has run for elected office 5 times and failed. Cannot figure out why he entered this race at such a late date. Is he just drumming up speaking engagements?

Ron Paul is passionate about his issues, but when I watch him speak I feel he is talking down to me. He does not impress me as someone who can work and play well with others because he thinks everyone who does not agree with him is stupid. Imagine this candidate in meetings with world leaders.

Tom Tancredo is still my pick of the litter, though he talks too fast. One person said to me, "his mouth gets ahead of his brain" and I have to agree; but, Tom is passionate about his issue of protecting America. He leans forward when he talks. All the others stand up straight and stiff. Defensive. I am glad he had an opportunity to point out that he was the only candidate to accept the NAACP invitation. Not only was the 'top tier' missing then, but so was all of the other candidates on the stage last night.

Huckabee, Brownback, and to some extent Ron Paul, pandered to the mostly black audience, and looked extremely foolish doing it.
Tom's answers and message was for all Americans, and so he doesn't ever have to pander to any minority group.
I believe the audience showed him respect for his bluntness, and non pandering, even though they may, or may not have liked what he said.
The Tanc is one great common since American!

Vintage Tancredo a CLASS ACT !! Looks and sounds 100% again as his answers were solid and accurate. A note to "Tancredos Army" please think about just $25.00 a month to his campaign for his bid for the President in 2008. The so-called top tier candidates have me nervous!

I am an independent leaning Democrat, but will not vote for them because I oppose amnesty. After watching the debates with Tavis Smiley, I would vote for you in a heartbeat -- with the following exception:
You please need to revise your views on health care! Personal Health Care Savings won't work! My husband and I are retired on a fixed income. Fortunately we have health care through my previous job (a rare thing). However, people on a fixed income or low income, or even middle income could not possibly save enough for even one (1) hospital stay! First, hospitals, doctors, and labs charge more to individuals than they do to insurance companies (agreements made). One (1) night hospital stay with x-rays & CT scan for my husband this year cost $23,000.00 (hospital bill alone). The insurance company's agreement with the hospital would only accept a $16,000.00 charge. With personal insurance we would have been charged the full amount ($23,000.00). Second, insurance companies should charge the same premium regardless of the state you live in. We were living in California and the insurance company charged approx. $300.00/mo. for our health care premium, but when we moved to Texas the same premium would have cost us $1,700.00/mo. (which we could not afford). So, we were forced to take the lowest premium ($280.00/mo.). This policy requires us to pay $7,000.00/yr out of pocket before the insurance company would pay 100%. My husband's total medical bills this year have cost us out-of-pocket that $7,000.00 this year as well as our monthy premium ($10,360.00 out-of-pocket total this year). That cost is "with insurance". His total medical bills have been between $20-30K this year. Therfore, how could an average person possibly save enough to pay for their health care!
I plead with you to please reform your health care plan. Health Care Savings Accounts won't work!
Thank you and please respond.


I watched the entire "debate" on PBS' website. Not surprisingly, it was the best one I have seen because equal attention was paid to the "second tier" candidates, including ours. None of the questions were out of line and no goofy hypotheticals were asked.

Tancredo supporter in NJ

Linda, who do you think should pay for your health care? THE GOVERNMENT? Where does the government get the money? From the taxpayers. Someone is going to pay for it, and it isn't just THE WEALTHY.

The way to bring the costs of health care down is get THE GOVERNMENT out of it.

Remove 20 million freeloading illegal aliens, from stealing from our healthcare system...deport them.

Then all the freeloading Americans will have plenty of jobs available...so they can pay for their own Health insurance.

With all the freeloading removed, and most everyone paying for their own health care...rates should free fall downward.

Also letting the freemarket determine rates, and removing the "good for nothing government" out of healthcare....you could buy your health care from any state instead of just the state you reside in. With that competition..rates will fall.

Goverment is not the solution...Government IS THE PROBLEM!

Thanks, Tancredo friends, for all of your reviews regarding the debate! I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you all face-to-face for a weekend Tancredo rally! I pray daily we'll get that opportunity when Tom becomes our next President.

Linda - Our nation's healthcare crisis is probably felt by MOST Americans and, if you've heard Tom speak, the crisis, in large part, is, in part, caused by twenty million illegal immigrants in this country receiving "free to them" healthcare or service! Those of us citizens who are lucky enough to afford healthcare insurance see our rates skyrocket in order that we may help pay for millions who don't have coverage. Keep in mind we are paying for emergency room service for millions of illegals and we also foot the bill for 300,000 anchor babies born in our nation's hospitals EVERY year! Here in Arizona, my working young adult children can not afford quality healthcare coverage, yet they make too much money to qualify for our state program. YET, illegal immigrants can cross our borders every day and get state healthcare aide for their children within a matter of days!

Unfortunately, our nation's systems are ALL broken because our federal government fails to enforce our immigration laws. That's why twenty million illegal immigrants have come here - to take advantage of the benefits they receive in our country, at the expense of American taxpayers!

It angers me deeply that our elected officials ignore concerns, frustrations and cries for help from citizens like you and me who are expected to follow the laws of this land! Yet millions of individuals can break our laws to be in this country and demand they receive education, healthcare, legal aid, voter privileges, drivers' licenses, etc., etc., etc..

I'm glad you've come to the conclusion that the Democrats' goal is to make every illegal immigrant a citizen of this country. Many Democrats are finally realizing the very same thing. With regards to the other Republican candidates, most of them have flipped many times on the amnesty issue. Tom has remained solid! He is an honorable man who pledges to work for the citizens, uphold the constitution and end illegal immigration!

Well, I'm not sure what Tom is referring to when he talks about Health Savings Accounts. My employer pays for my healthcare which is about $580 a month and employees are required to pay 10%. My choice of provider is an HMO - because I refuse to pay high deductibles. Give me the $10 co-pay and I'm as happy as a clam.

We do have a program at work called Flex-pay and money that you feel you are going to use for insurance costs can be deducted out of your paycheck pre-tax dollars and it goes into some insurance "fund." But the only problem with this - in my opinion - is that if you don't use (submit a claim for reimbursement of your medical bills) every dime that has been withheld for the year, you lose the balance of any money that's left in the account. This should be changed. Maybe this is something Tom can introduce in Congress.

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