07 September 2007 at 11:47 AM EST

Oklahoma Fundraisers

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If you are in or around Oklahoma City or Tulsa, please come and support Congressman Tancredo:

9/8/2007 9-11:00 AM
Breakfast with Tom Tancredo Fundraiser
Oklahoma Training Center
520 W. Main St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
RSVP: Dan Howard (918) 260-7728

9/8/2007 6-7:45 PM
An Evening with Tom Tancredo
(VIP Private Fundraiser 7:45pm-9pm)
Tulsa Tech. Center Alliance Bldg
801 West 91st St.
Tulsa, OK 70437
RSVP: Dan Howard (918) 260-7728

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Bobbie McAuliffe- Take care of Tanc in Oklahoma! I know you will....Tom's bloggers will be anxiously waiting to hear about the success of the Oklahoma fundraisers!

Tom will be well taken care of in Oklahoma. I am sooooo looking forward to this!

Rep. Tancredo spoke tonight at a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Republican Party. WOW!!! He was right on message; he articulated his positions on illegal immigration and the clash of civilizations with radical Islam better than at anytime I have heard him speak. Not to mention he was personable and good humored. Bay Buchanan was the same. From an outsider looking in...it is the most dedicated, hard working and geunine campaign that the GOP has seen. I liked Reagan, but Rep. Tancredo gets it right where Reagan went wrong on amnesty. I can't wait to hear him speak at a fundraiser being held for his presidential campaign on Saturday in Oklahoma City. Sorry Bobbie you could not be there it was a real treat!!

Yes, Bobbie. Please let us know what happened with the fundraisers in Oklahoma, and please let us know some strategies as to how we can get Tom's campaign message spread all over the country. We know the window of opportunity is narrowing, and we want to give it our all.

The weather was not very friendly Saturday night in Tulsa. There were only 89 people there. I had hoped for much more. Tom's flight was delayed, so he was late arriving but very well received. He and Bay are so relaxed and at ease with people I found myself thinking. "I could be standing here chatting with the next President as easily as I visit with my neighbor."

Tom took a jab at Fred Thompson for taking so long to get his script right. He praised the grassroots people for getting that Shamnesty bill killed. He said something I have been saying for a long time, but had not heard him say so distinctly before. "The 2008 election will be our last chance to bring America back to what our founding fathers intended it to be. We do not have another 4 years. Certainly not another 8 years."

I believe he is right. I will double my efforts to propel him into the White House and I hope everyone else will also. There is no one else as sincere and as passionate about leading us back.

I do not know about strategies, Karen. In my area the voter registration is nearly 5-1 Democrat. Because of this only Democrats file for local offices and people register that way to have a say in local elections,( county sheriff and court clerk) and leave themselves out of the more important state and national primaries. I have been trying to understand that for 20 years. Even the 'yellow dogs' are not happy with their choices in the Democrat ticket. Most were elated when our State Legislature passed 1804. Illegal immigration is a big issue with them. My challenge is going to be to get them to change their voter registration before the Presidential Primary.

Another challenge is Jim Inhofe is really popular and he has said he would endorse Fred Thompson. Jim has not responded to my two emails questioning his wisdom on this decision.

I have spent 25 years in a sales career, and always thought it best to promote the features and benefits of my product without trashing the competition. In this case, though, I am going to have to learn to do that.

I also believe this may be our last chance ....before speaking of the Late Great United States.
I pray that I am wrong.....

The next President, if they are any of the (so-called) "top-tier" candidates, will bring us into a North American "Framework" and we will be well on our way to a North American Union. While I agree with our efforts in Iraq (and I voted for George W. Bush), I believe we have been betrayed in the ultimate sense. Congressman Tancredo simply MUST win. I am doing the best I can to rattle people and get them to wake up to the path we are on, under Bush and this Security and Prosperity Partnership, but we all have to work harder. We really are about to lose our country and then it will be too late. Tancredo is the only one who has said, if elected President, that he will kill the North American Union in it's infancy. No other candidate has been so bold as this. We The People, let's get him elected! Go Tancredo GO!

You are so right, James. Tom is the only candidate that can turn us back to what the Founding Fathers intended this country to be. All of the Top Tier in both parties are members of the CFR and CFR doesn't really care which party wins the election. This is what we have to drive home to everyone we talk to. The media will not give Tom a voice. We have to speak for him.

Duncan Hunter is a good man with a good heart, but he does not have the passion that Tom brings to the campaign.

I agree Bobbie. I happen to know that McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Gingrich, F. Thompson, Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Richardson are all a part of the CFR. The problem is, so are the heads of the media. So, unless We The People WAKE UP and see what's really going on in this country, we are about to lose it - and lose it fast.

As a Christian, I know the end of the story. The book of Revelation, in the Bible, shows us that there will be one world government, ruled by the anti-christ, during the time of the tribulation. This ought to be proof enough that this globalist agenda is of the Devil. While I know "it will happen anyway," I believe that I must oppose it for what it is: evil.

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