13 September 2007 at 10:23 AM EST

"Irate lawmaker replies to Tancredo remarks"

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I thought many of you would find this letter from a NH State Representative regarding Congressman Tancredo interesting.


If you are so inclined, you can reach him through his webpage:


Or through email:


Or through phone:


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WELL!!! That is so infuriating! I followed the link, read the story then registered with the forum, started a thread: RE: State Rep. Mike Kaelin, and commented defending Tom.

I suggested that if the voters in this state representatives district approve of the legislation he supports, those of us in states who are trying to control the problem will send our illegals to New Hampshire.

This is a state representative?


Yes, he is a state rep from Hillsborough, district 4.


Why stop with illegal immigrants, Bobbie? Perhaps Representative Kaelin and N.H. would also welcome Guantanamo prisoners. p.s. I'm still handing out maps!

Yes, I registered with the forum as well and let the New Hampshire people using that forum know what Tom represents and who he really is, not what Representative Kaelin has put forth.

I would suggest that everyone try to post on these key forums, particularly in upcoming primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and North Carolina. We have to jump ahead months in order to get the word out about Tom and his stance on the issues. This is just so important.

You can get this forum information from sites like firesociety.com under the 2008 Elections section.

No,its not just Tom that feels lawmakers be jailed for passing legislation that he believes is illegal,it's all of his growing supporters.People who are citizens and count and really care about this great country of ours.Simple things like enforcing our immigration laws,the selling out of our country,6 years after 9-11 only 30 miles of boarder fence (if that)Mexican trucks running deep into U.S territory.Tom Tancredo is the true voice of the people.And as for these human rights for these illegal aliens they need to take that up with thier country of origin.God Bless Tom Tancredo.

I just recieved an email from my daughter who is in her second year of college. She is writing a paper on Tancredo for her government class. It was an article from the Denver Post and it said Tancredo has qualified for matching federal funds for his campaign. He now has 3.4 million dollars for his campaign, which it said would get him through the first primaries. GREAT NEWS!! GO! TANCREDO GO!

Funny thing....I thought we voted in our State Legislators to represent WE the PEOPLE not to vote their concience. That is the problem with all our Legislators,whether State or on Capitol Hill, they vote their conscience and not the will of WE the PEOPLE. I still feel that if they had to punch a time card and try to survive on minimum wage they would look at things a whole lot differently and I really feel WE the PEOPLE and this country would be in a better way today.

I was highly impressed with Rep. (we really can't call him a "Representative", can we) Kaelin's comment that state legislators have a responsibility to vote their conscience on the issues. He received a piece of my conscience! Thanks for his email addresses!

Did anyone see Rep. Blackburn (Lou Dobbs Tonight) sharing information about H.R. 3494 - The Clear Act (regarding illegal immigration)??? TANCREDO'S message is spreading!!!! She talked about saving American sovereignty! Is it too early for phone calls supporting this bill???

Tom, you are making a difference and we're sending more money!
Patrice, Tony, Brett, Lyndsey, Lonnie & Brekyn

I'm not surprised by some people (Mr. Kaolin) got irritated by the Tom Tancredo's common sense and honesty. It is just telling you "who is who" in this "dirty political war".

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