19 September 2007 at 3:18 PM EST

New Eventful Website

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Just signed us up for an eventful.com account.  Make sure to visit and please encourage organizations to invite C.T. to their events!

Also we are in the process of changing the front page of the website.  Click on the youtube links and they will play right on the page now instead of taking you to another site.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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Alan, Nice job!

LOVE what you have done with the HOME PAGE bill board!! It is such an attention getter! The only problem I see is can't read the lighter blue words on the dark blue background.

Thanks for all you are doing and for asking for input from Tanc supporters!

Alan, I loved this idea to demand Tom at your event. I wish he would come back to Southern California as I'd sure like to see him again. However, I went on this website and found it's extremely difficult to figure out how to get it going or even to edit what you've put in already. Do you know the easy secret?

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