05 September 2007 at 3:12 PM EST

FOXNews debate tonight

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Make sure to watch Congressman Tancredo debate his fellow Republican White House aspirants tonight at 9:00 PM EST on FOXNews!

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I hope there will be a debate tonight. In the past the Media Selected 'second tier' candidates have only been given half the opportunities and half the time to speak. Not what I call a "debate" at all and I have let the fair and balanced people know it too. I hope others have as well.

Tonight I will be making a list of the advertisers on the broadcast and they will hear from me before I go to bed.

All of us need to follow the lead in monitoring this debate for FOX's "Fair and Balanced" agenda. If we see and hear what we feel is not equal footing for the candidates, particularly Tom, we must speak out in some form.

The advertisers should be put to task as well. I agree with the previous posting on this, and will notify the advertisers used in tonight's debate.

I agree with Bobbie and Karen and pledge to do the same regarding tonight's "fair and balanced" debate.

Is anyone else disturbed that our very own President failed to speak out about Mexican President Calderon's state of the union speech? Calderon's speech included statements in which he accused Americans of persecuting and abusing undocumented Mexican workers. He also insisted that the border fence NOT be built. In addition, he made it known that "Mexico does not end at its border. Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." Why is our very own President NOT addressing those comments??

Tom, this family commends you for having the courage to publicly address issues that affect our nation! Thank you!

Watching the debate: An OUTSTANDING response by our Congressman on illegal immigration. Hopefully, he'll continue to get some decent response time.

34 minutes into the debate: Tancredo and Paul each have had one question and both have received the loudest applause so far... This debate seems far from "Fair and Balanced"...

53 minutes into the debate: Paul again received one of the loudest applauses of the night for his second question. Our Congressman Tancredo still has been given only the one question... This is wholly unsatisfactory, and far from "Fair and Balanced".

9:57, and the people of New Hampshire are saying the candidates are "skirting" the issues! No wonder, the only ones being asked questions are the so called "Top Tier". I'll never trust Romney - Hey! Romney just gave Congressman Tancredo credit for identifying the true war on islamofascists! I'm shocked!.. but I still don't trust Romney. And again, they ask the Govenor first on the next question. This is starting to look more like a Romney TV ad than anything else... sad...

I would like to know what interrogation techniques Senator McCain might use on those with information if Washington D.C. and New York have ALREADY been nuked!!!.. and Phoenix is next!!! And there are known plans to nuke the next 10 or 12 largest cities in the Country!! How then do we ask the terrorist in custody about the situation? Granted, under other "Normal" type situations torture should be banned, but the question given is a "post nuclear attack" scenario in which millions of Americans have already died and more are going to be killed. This seems to be lost in the translation of the responses on this concern.

That was so sad. Why did the NH GOP allow the debate to once again focus on the media annointed teir 1 candidates and totally ignore the others? Tom spoke I think just 3 times -- when he did, expect for the last "scenerio" question, he was great. But he is not being given the time on the national stage to make his positions clear. I am so disappointed in Fox and the NH GOP for once again putting on a biased debate.

They did it again. 180 minutes and Tom only got to speak 4 times. I am so mad I could chew nails. It appears FOX NEWS has picked Romney for their guy. He was asked 11 questions ( wonder what that cost? ) Brit did a really poor job of moderating that 'debate'. Rudy was allowed to talk over every time he was asked for a response. Others did also, but not as bad as Rudy.

FOX NEWS and Brit Hume will hear from me when I settle down.

Congressman Tancredo, although the limelight was more on other candidates, you offer this country a strong, balanced and principled leadership option. I admire your position on the War in Iraq because you clearly stated that the war is against the Radical Islamic forces and the battlefield is Iraq. We must win. You are a calm but sane and consistent voice . If you do not get the nomination for president, I hope you get the V-P slot. We can't let the democrat candidate ruin this wonderful country with their socialist anti-American thuggery.
Fox did a good job with their questions.

Great debate. At least Rep Tancredo got more air time than usual.

Last I saw, the text message vote (what a joke) was Ron Paul 35+%, Tom Tancredo 1% - To me, this translates as a win for Tom.

BTW, a famous 1932 presidential poll predicted a landslide for Hoover over FDR. We all know how that went. The polling firm's error was conducting the poll by phone - and who had phones at the height of the Great Depression?

PS - Ron Paul said that he would depend on info from the CIA concerning Iran's nuclear program. Wait a minute: didn't he earlier say that he would disband the CIA???

Giuliani apparently doesn't know that the Immigration and Naturalization Service no longer exists and is now ICE. Did anybody besides me catch his comment? Mr. Tancredo is the only person who understands the threat of illegal immigration and has been in front of the issue long before these other phonies jumped on the bandwagon.

Rep. Tancredo gave outstanding responses to the questions he was asked.

It is amazing how many times he has been placed in an end position during the debates. In the first debate, he was on the far right end as you at the candidates from the audience. This was the second or third time that he has been on the far left end as the candidates face the audience. Unbelievable.

Fair and Balanced...hardly. On the issue of illegal aliens Rep. Tancredo was not asked for a follow-up question while Romney chimed in with his usual hypocrisy. On the issue of radical Islam, Rep. Tancredo is the only candidate who understands the global threat that the fundamentalists want to export.
I was very disheartened by the lack of opportunity that Brit Hume gave Rep. Tancredo. Tom is undoubtedly the most consistent and passionate conservative who is running for the Oval Office. Rep. Tancredo is also the most credible on the issues because he has a record to stand behind and not hide from. Not to mention he is genuine when he says this is not about him; it's about protecting America from the enemies within and abroad. Tom might not be the most articulate, but he is the hardest worker, has the greatest heart, passion, integrity, and experience to get this country back on track. Any day of the week I would rather have an honest and hard working man who leads with courage and integrity like Tancredo in office than a man like any in the top tier who are able to articulate Tom's ideas but has no record to back it up.
Thank you Rep. Tancredo for standing up for the rule of law and the values that so many of us conservatives hold dear. God Bless you, your wife and all the hard work you and your team have put in on behalf of the American people. We have been truly blessed to have a man with such character and conviction fight to take this country back from both Democrats and Republicans who want to sell this country to the highest bidder be that corporate or special interests.

Once again, FOX News ignored the supposed second tier candidates (we know differently) and turned the debate into a fiasco. I have already contacted Brit Hume and the New Hampshire GOP, and will contact the advertisers.

These networks, FOX, CNN, and others need a crash course in debate protocol. No candidate should be allowed free reign over the moderator, and it appears that both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani were allowed lots of questions, extra time and other perks.

We so appreciated Tom's answers and his unlimited patience with the ridiculous process. It seems as though the debate handlers were bent on questioning their choices, and throwing crumbs to what they feel are the lower class candidates.

Thank you to Tom as well for dealing with Hannity&Colmes. We're glad you were able to stand your ground with silly Alan when he questioned you about torture.

Well Brit Hume has heard from me and so did the New Hampshire Republican Committee. This was the worst of the worst of the GOP debates all summer.

Tom is coming to Oklahoma Saturday. We will treat him good here.

I just hate it when Mitt Romney goes off on how funding should be denied to sanctuary cities. He only took that up after Tom's Newark press conference. Tom authored an amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations bill to do just that last May!

The debates were as usual, no surprises. Everybody was pitching themselves, except my favorite Tom Tancredo. When he was asked the questions, he was very direct and brilliant with answers, but he was not articulate enough to make answers longer and use all the time he was giving for his advance. He gave a great answer on the immigration issue, but he caught his speech short and didn't use at least 30 seconds had left. He could use this time for saying what he, congressmen Tom Tancredo, did and will do when he become a president. We, who follow up his campaign know already everything he has done, but the great idea of the debates to sell yourself and your points of view to as much people as possible. That's why he got only 1-2% in the text message vote.

I agree Bobbie. Okies for Tom Tancredo!!!

I am very disappointed in Fox's uneven direction of the debate last night. Tom Tancredo gave the only direct knowledgeable answers to the three questions asked of him. I thought the people were finally going to hear an honest candidate who does not skirt the questions and has never changed to please whatever group he has addressed. There is a big problem with Fox when multiple questions were asked of Romney, Paul, the Mayor,etc. yet several runners were left standing without a chance of exposure. Shame on Fox who claims to present all sides of a subject.........Bob

I agree with most of you - this was just one more UNfair and UNbalanced debate! Tom was allowed to share his viewpoints the fewest number of times! The moderators NEVER refered to Tom's conservative voting record, nor to the fact that Tom has exclusively fought illegal immigration for nine years, while most other politicians (McCain included) put on their flip-flops again and again! Tom's discussion with Hannity and Colmes after the debate was great, except most viewers probably did not continue to watch the post-debate portion.

I can't see McCain doing well with this campaign - he has lost most of his support here in Arizona. Polls show that our Democratic governor could unseat McCain at this point. Scamnesty/shamnesty ended his career!

Congressman Tancredo was excellent when he finally got a chance to speak. He does need to nail down his position on Iran better because that is going to drive a lot of debate from now until election time.

I was outraged that Brit Hume left Tancredo and Duncan Hunter out of the first question even if it was fluff. He is going to be hearing from me this morning. How sad was it that a whole diner full of people in New Hampshire thought the debate was poor? I expected more from Fox News. The transparent attempt to marginalize Tancredo and Hunter just shows that the GOP and mainstream media are afraid of true conservatives.

I'm amazed that education, trade, our economy and the outsourcing of jobs have rarely been discussed in these debates.

Also, Mexican truckers may begin to have free rolling rights on our nations highways today! This will put more American jobs in jeopardy, not to mention that only a very small percentage of Mexican trucks are inspected! Why was this topic ignored by the moderators???

Continue with the fight, Tom! You have many new supporters!

Congressman, you did a great job with the few questions you were given. FOX gave so much time to the top tier candidates if was ridiculous. Romney is so slick, how can anyone take him serious? Your answers were excellent but our citizens need to hear more from you. Regarding immigration, we will lose this country if anyone but you, along with Duncan Hunter as your vice-president is elected. The country needs to get their priorities straight and figure out this war and illegal immigration are our biggest threat to the U.S.

Hello, Aaron. Great to see you here! I have some material and ideas to share with you in Tulsa Saturday night.

Brit Hume, Faux News, and NHGOP have heard from me already and if I get worked up today they will hear from me again.

It is gonna be up to us, folks to get Tom's message out. Don't get discouraged.

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