28 September 2007 at 4:52 PM EST

Flash programmers/graphic designers needed!

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The Tancredo campaign wants your input!

If you are a graphic designer or flash programmer, we want you!

What we need is someone who can make a graphic or banner that we could give to our supporters on the web that will link to our website and/or donation page.

If you are interested, please email me at alan.moore@teamtancredo.org.




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Hey Alan - msbobbie had a cute tank posted on firesociety!

That slogan is great. Many of us on the firesociety forums have been using a little green tank with many of our postings for Tom. msbobbie, I and others have used it. It would look great on any banner for Tom.

I have contacted someone from firesociety who might be able to do it.

Alan, Are you this person responsible for the new version of Team Tancredo website? If so, no wonder you are recruiting graphics/flash programming help if you did all this, in addition to all of your other responsibilities!! This is superb! Whether it's you or someone else that is responsible for programming this new version, it is exceptional!!

This new version of www.teamtancredo.com is already getting rave reviews on firesociety (forum thread- We support Tancredo for President because)..... This is EXACTLY what Tanc supporters have been requesting. I've already accessed the site pages and they are very user friendly, key information is very accessible, graphics are phenomenal and the security measures are very crucial especially on the donation page.

I have a friend who works in the graphics/programming field. I will certainly get in touch with him to see if he would be interested in helping you out.....since you have solicited help. He may know of others, as well, that can help out.

Tanc has to be very impressed with the new website! I assure you Tanc supporters are enthusied and are already blogging positively about the new version on other Tanc supporting websites!

Way to go, Alan!


Hello, when I used a bookmark that I always use to access this site, which was


it said the following:
Not Found

The requested URL /default.asp was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at teamtancredo.org Port 80


I then typed in www.teamtancredo.com and then was redirected to http://teamtancredo.org/

What is the actual website address now? I know on the NRA video, Congressman Tancredo said to go to teamtancredo.org but the www.teamtancredo.com web address was on the screen.

I want to be able to give people the correct link, which I'm assuming is now teamtancredo.org but is it going to stay that?

Hey Alan, love the front page! I really like seeing Tom's handwriting. Nice job!

LM, yes... I noticed the same thing the other day. I don't know much about web-developing but I have a lot of friends that are in this business. It is called "re-directing".

I actually spoke to one of my good friends regarding what's happening to Tom's site. He said, there's a very special coding you can use, that would take ANY domain name that's pointing to the server where the site is and changes it to the ACTUAL OFFICIAL domain, once you hit enter or "go" button in your browser to load the page.

(I get none of that - but this is what it supposedly is)

Before, as I guess now, both domains www.teamtancredo.org AND www.teamtancredo.com were directing people to the site. And if you type www.teamtancredo.com and then browse the site it would show .com for whatever page, now it is always .org for everyone - it is good, since this is the domain that is given. I was wondering when it's gonna get clarified.

As far as a bookmark... yeah, I had to delete mine... but you know, I was quite surprised, when I re-added the site to my favorites, it actually has a little icon "T 08" RIGHT IN THE FAVORITES!!! Cool! (I use IE 7.0) Also you can save the shortcut to the page on your desktop and it will also show the icon. It is very distinct and I LIKE IT! (Obama has an icon too, I don't like Obama, but I liked his icon always and wondered why Tanc's web-master wouldn't make one for Tanc!)

By the way, Alan, is it still you who's doing the web-site now? If that's you, then you should have been hired as a web-master rather than SecPress! According to my friends, web-developers are paid a whole lot! I have no idea about press secretaries (I don't have them as friends typically :-)

I think the site looks much better. If somebody else took over, then I wish I knew who is the web-master now. Just curious. When will we know the name of the person? Shouldn't you have made a post, telling people that there is a new web-master?


Babies of America! :-)

Alan, fyi LM is having problems with the www.teamtancredo....bookmark however Tanc supporters I network with seem to be accessing the site just fine. Personally, I have had no problems linking into the website using the same bookmark stated above.

The new version is so user friendly. I am so thrilled about it!

I am a graphic designer who would love to lend services to Tom Tancredo. Please contact me and let me know how I can help out.

Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. :)

Despite what appears to be the implication of your post, the problem was not with myself or my computer. I used the teamtancredo.com bookmark for a long time without any problems and then it suddenly no longer worked.

It works NOW and redirects to teamtancredo.org but it wasn't working before.

Furthermore, in the NRA video, Tom Tancredo did say teamtancredo.org while the words teamtancredo.com flashed across the screen. Maybe the change has something to do with that.

LM, sorry I was not implying anything about you or your computer, sorry if you felt I was. That was not the intent. I was only stating to Alan that my bookmark was working fine. The point is the new version of the web is looking great! Nice job James4Tancredo. I remember seeing you blogging last summer before the straw poll. You also have many wonderful videos on you tube about Tanc. thank you, James.
And Thanks for your support LM, for your support of Mr. Tancredo.

keep on Tanc...ng onward, everyone!

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