19 September 2007 at 10:48 AM EST

Dream Act back in Senate! Help Stop Amnesty!

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For those who have not heard, the Senate is once again sttempting to pass the Dream Act, which stands for "Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2007".

If this is successfully attached to a Department of Defense authorization bill (HR 1585) illegal aliens will receive amnesty and be able to receive IN-STATE TUITION!

These amendments will most likely be voted on either today or tomorrow.

Read the floor speech by sponsor Sen. Durbin here.

We need you to do your part, contact your Senator!

Send a free fax to your Senator

Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121

For more info on the Dream Act click here.

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To utilize Tom's blog for hot issues such as this.... that require immediate action from supporters.... this is a VERY EFFECTIVE IDEA!!

Good job, Alan, and thank you!

Now, everyone, START CALLING!!

WE NEED TO KILL THIS DREAM ACT AND AMNESTY BILL ONCE AND FOR ALL! What is the matter with our so called "leaders" that keep pushing this?


LA Times article:
Illegal immigration -- truly a partisan concern


Everyone, who hasn't already, should make calls to the waffling senators, there is quite a list of them, and Senator Brownback's name is on that list. This is after he claims at the Values Voter Debate on Monday evening that he voted no for amnesty the first time around. We'll see what he does over the next day or so.

Faxes and telephone numbers are available at numbersusa.com, RightMarch.com, and grassfire.org. You can even get the fax and telephone numbers through grassfire if you want to do it on your own.

Hopefully we can stop this like we did the last one in June.

Thanks, Alan for making everyone aware of this.

If you think it is okay for the government to take half your wages via taxes and horribly waste huge amounts including supporting illegal immigrants who broke our laws then read no further.

If you think Pelosi is not a nut and if you think Hillary Clinton’s health plan is not socialized medicine read no further.

If you believe the government is doing anything to stem the invasion via our borders then once again I say read no further.

If you believe we should pull out of Iraq without finishing the job like we have done in all the wars since WW11 read no further.

If you believe belonging to the United Nations is not a mistake and a total waste of our financial support then read no further.

On the other hand if you believe the America we once knew is slipping away and politicians are not looking out for you then read on.

If you believe our military is not getting the support of congress they should then read on.

Finally if you believe, as I do, that the country is in dire need of a drastic change in leadership I suggest the following.

So far I see no hope in the Republican forerunners and none in the Democratic field. The only candidate I see is in Tom Tancredo from Colorado. I have met him and believe him to be completely honest. I had favored Mitt Romney until I attended an ask Mitt anything town meeting one day and Tom Tancredo’s town meeting the next.

If you want to save America I suggest you vote Tom Tancredo. I cannot remember when I was excited about a candidate but found I got excited about the potential of Tom Tancredo.

Bob- Perry, IA

I have made calls, sent faxes on this political "abortion" during my breaks at work! What part of "amnesty" and opposition from American people does the Senate and our President not understand?

Go Tom!

Yes, I also urge each and every single American to contact our representatives and express what it is that we want to be accomplished. First of all many believe that this bill will be a waste of our taxes on illegal immigrants who "broke the law". Yes, I understand I also pay taxes; however, I disagree and i refuse to believe that the subjects that may God willing be benefited from this bill are criminals. I completely object to that stand because first of all they came to this country when they were children without the intention of entering the country. They were brought by their parents, went to school with other American children, grew up and fused into our society as Americans just as you and me. This is not only a political issue rather is is more of a MORAL issue. I have to say that it is NOT a border issue at all whatsoever, for they did not enter the country by will, rather they were brought as CHILDREN.( Excuse me if i emphasize it to much.) It is a moral issue in that we are not allowing these children to contribute as Americans, because that is what they are, to our society. Many of these children are in high school hoping to go to college just like any American with the same aspirations, or may already be in college just not with liberty to look for a higher paid job, which could enable them to pay off their college expenses. Unfortunately, they are limited in giving what they already have, which is their best, to this beautiful country of ours, may I quote "the land of immigrants."
It is NOT to say that ALL IMMIGRANT STUDENTS should benefitted from this, but only those who have shown excellent moral character and high academic achievements. Thank you all for this space of a variety of perspectives concerning this issue and again please I urge you all to contact your representatives. May God lead us through every decision. God bless!

After listening to all the hot air from Republicans and democrats I have come to the cponclusion there is only one honest candidate for mwe to vote for, and that is Tom Tancredo. Li I live nesr the border in Arizona and have a first hand view of ilegals and the way they are coming into our country ilegaly. Our laws need to be enforced.AS a ww2 vet I am in total agreement with Tom on all the issues. Go Tom.

Seems Durbin has decided he needs to 'water down' his bill, because of those like us and Tom. I am outraged he tacked this filth of a bill onto the Defense Appropriations Bill. How dare he!

Stanley, I meet many WWII veterans in my course of work. Thank you for all you did during those dark times and all you are doing now. The freedoms we currently enjoy that are being dragged through the mud, were made possible because of you.I'm sure you already do it, but tell all your veteran friends about Tom.

Our country needs Tom. Wish he could clone himself!

Illegal aliens and the politicians that support these invaders, are bankrupting communities all across this nation....it's time to blow up the capital switchboard ...again, it's time to vote out any politician, that isn't willing to deport every illegal alien in this country, and it's time, not to just stop amnesty- it's time to start deporting TODAY!

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