06 September 2007 at 7:04 PM EST

9/5 FOXNews Debate at UNH

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I also did not feel this was a fair debate in that the top (so called) tier got alloted more time and was asked more question than the others. Tom Tancredo is the most credible of all the canditates. He is not a me me type person; but really wants what is best for this great country. He has been consistant on his views from the get go. He is the (Sane Voice In Insane Times)!

Tom Tom your the man.
You're the man to lead this land.
Tom the voice of sanity!
In these time of clamity!

Maybe some of you all can add to my little ditty.

Tom we love you.
However you know and I know the odds and the cards are stacked against you even by Fox News. But what you are trying to do is the bravest and most honorable endeavor of any of the candidates.
God Bless You.

Fox put on an awful show. There was no attempt at fairness in the time given to various candidates.
Sadly the after show was a joke. Of course anyone who considers Sean Hannity a journalist is a fool anyway. And Combes is just a pitiful robot, but at least he tries (for all the wrong purposes).
Carl Cameron at the cafe. Was he there for comic relief? His facial expressions remind one of a clown, which he certainly was Wednesday nite.
And the set-up attack questions for Mitt and Rudy were very CBS or NBC ish. Was Chris Matthews producing that segment.
The poll with that boring red headed pollster Frank Luntz must have either been rigged by Luntz or sandbagged by McCain supporters. NO WAY that McCain's performance was outstanding. But Fox and all the other networks sure are trying to resurect that "democrat" in disguise.

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