07 September 2007 at 11:38 AM EST

9-5 Press Conference at NH State House Regarding Sanctuary State Legislation

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Once again, the Congressman gives a complete explanation of the aspects of establishing a sanctuary city/state and the ramifications of putting forth this kind of legislation. He says this type of legislation has a way of cycling through a city or state system due to pressure from outside and special interest groups. He explained the penalties that go along with such legislation, and spoke further of his legislation attached to the Homeland Security bill that would deny federal monies to any city and state that established such sanctuary polices.

He was asked about the debate and Fred Thompson's entrance into the campaign, and he reiterated that the debate arena really does not allow enough time for true exposure of his views, and the views of other second tier candidates, to be heard and absorbed by the public.
He said he and others were merely bookends on the forum. He also said that Fred Thompson's entrance was well planned and that the way in which he announced brought more attention to his bid then an actual appearance at the debate would have done.

This was a good press conference and every question was meticulously answered. Tom did mention that a press conference allowed a much easier system to address the issues and was quite a bit more helpful to his campaign then an actual debate.

His predictions on the debate and his questioning and time allowed were right on.

Thank you, Tom, for campaigning so vigorously in New Hampshire for the cause.

This was a great opportunity for Tom! Notice how he speaks to the point without drawing undue attention to himself, his accomplishments, or his campaign. He could easily make these interviews and speeches about himself, but he, instead, focuses on the issues that drew him into the race. He doesn't spend a great deal of time attacking other candidates, but, if necessary, he does it respectfully!

Even though Tom was only allowed four questions during the NH debate, he did a great job in expressing his position on those issues. Even local commentators are wondering and expressing sincere concerns as to why second tier candidates are being marginalized by the main stream media. But that has not stopped Congressman Tancredo from doing what he does best in educating America on issues that affect our lives each and every day.

This was a wonderful press release. Tom did an outstanding job of getting his message out. I'm prouder every day that I'm a member of Tom's Army Against Amnesty! Great job Tom and campaign staff. We appreciate everything you're doing for America.

Tom's a good guy and I agree with him totally on this. NH is going in the dumps with the Dems in power.

I'm a Ron Paul supporter however, and I think Tancredo's people should join us as we have big momentum!

Ron is also against amnesty, illegal immigration, etc.

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