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Please forgive us for taking so long to put up another posting.  Our blogger Mike has left to go back to school and we will dearly miss him.  Special thanks for his dedication and diligent work on Tom's blog.  All of us at the campaign, especially Congressman Tancredo, recognize the amazing contribution he has made and we wish him nothing but the best. 

In reference to some questions regarding the blog, I can assure you that we will continue to keep these postings updated on the comings and goings of the campaign. 

My name is Alan Moore and I serve as Congressman Tancredo’s Press Secretary.  I will be temporarily managing the blog until further notice.  Please contact me just as you contacted Mike and I will do my best to accommodate your inquiries.

Congressman Tancredo is extremely excited about the support that all of you showed him at the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday.  We took in 1961 votes for 4th place.  With only 620 votes between 2nd and 4th, we showed that we are a force to be reckoned with!

This gives us the momentum we were looking for heading into the thickets of the political season.

Also, with the recent sniping between other candidates on immigration issues as evidence, we can see firsthand the impact Congressman Tancredo is having on this election and the attention he is bringing to the most important domestic issue facing this country today.

In case you missed it, Congressman Tancredo gave a thrilling speech at the Straw Poll.  He was the only candidate to receive a standing ovation from the thousands in attendance.  For those who did not see the speech, let me leave you in the same manner the Congressman made which brought the crowd to their feet:

“This is our culture, fight for it. 

This is our flag, pick it up. 

This is our nation, take it back.”

Stay tuned…

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Mr. Moore: Thanks for the post! I am sure many of us have wondered what would happen to the blog. I did see the interview that James Kotecki had with Mike Tate (posted on YouTube) and that Mike would go back to college. I didn't realize that Mike was so young! That's great! He did an awesome job on the blog! ...There are still questions in Round 4 and new ones in Round 5. Will these still be answered and posted? Also, how do we write to you?

There are quite a few of us out here that would help any way we could with the site.

I love that line too, and the one that proceeds it regarding the test that every generation faces.

Keep up the great work, Tom! You demonstrate the True American Spirit!

Hi Alan, it's great that you've picked up the ball from Mike. He was terrific and will be missed. We know you'll do a fantastic job for Tom. Since the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, has Tom been able to do any radio talk shows or been on TV? I really miss hearing his voice. I know he was on the Laura Ingraham Show last Friday, but I missed it. Would it be possible for you to post these appearances on the front page of Tom's website. I'd love to know in advance what shows he's on so I can either listen or watch on the TV, radio or internet. Thanks so much and God Bless.

Is there any way a person can see or at least read his speech. I wasn't able to see the first part of the poll and I would very much like to hear it. If I had known it was going to be televised I would have recorded it. Thank you and I'm excited to get postings again. GO! TANCREDO GO! Mr. Tancredo keep doing what you are doing; we'll support you all the way. I'm sure you will have supporters who will even help you move into the White House, and I can't wait for that day to come. God Bless you Mr. Tancredo and your family.

P.S. Thank you Mike Tate for the wonderful job you did on Tom's Blog. You did a great job and good luck with your studies.

Thank you for giving all of us that support Tom an update on the site. We were getting anxious but surmised that changes and transitions were be made. We are grateful for all of Mike Tate's coverage on the site and his consistent updates as to where Tom would be on an almost daily basis along with important notifications, plus all of the great pictures and links to videos.

We thank you, Alan, for assuming the new duties, and we're sure that you will provide the information we need to continue following Tom's campaign "comings and goings."

We will continue to support Tom and will try to be of as much help as we can in the months ahead. I know I speak for many of us in the "grassroots" community in saying that Tom represents everything that we're looking for and hoping for in a candidate. He has been there for us, so we will be there for him, throughout his campaign.

Thank you, Tom.


Look forward to seeing you in Newark on Monday. We desperately need your help. Governor Corzine and Mayor Booker are card-carrying members of the open-border amnesty crowd.

Tancredo supporter in NJ

Is Tom's straw poll speech posted anywhere?

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