08 August 2007 at 5:41 PM EST

Town Hall in Carroll

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After that interview with the Lake View Resort, Tancredo spoke on the issues in Carroll at the Swan Lake Park

Tancredo in Carroll

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For those American citizens who are not convinced that this country has a PROBLEM with illegal immigration, I suggest you visit any of the following websites. You'll be shocked by what our government, law enforcement agencies, and courts are allowing to happen in this country! Watch the videos of illegal immigrants wiping the sidewalks with the American flag, while waving a Mexican flag in the air. You'll see a coward burning the American flag, while hiding his face behind a bandana. Open your eyes Americans, get involved and support a candidate who will take a stance and end illegal immigration! Tom Tancredo will end the invasion!


I encourage everyone to join NumbersUSA and let your voices be heard by your congressmen. My husband checks out immigrationwatchdog on a regular basis. We aren't familiar with the other websites but we will have to check them out. Thanks for posting them.

T in Colorado: You are very welcome for the web sites. Another helpful site is outragedpatriots.com.

I am a teacher in Arizona and I became a Tancredo supporter years ago while listening to Tom on Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and FOX news (cable networks). I chose to become informed because our national and local news media do very little to inform us of all the negative ramifications of illegal immigration! There are many, many more web sites where you can retrieve information - just google your search. The videos show the horrendous behavior and language coming from people who have broken our laws to be in this country! And they call American citizens "racists". Unbelievable!

My father did not fight in World War II so that my generation could turn this nation over to millions of lawless invaders who have no respect for American citizens and the laws of this country!

If you truly care about saving this nation, pass this information to your family and friends! Millions of Americans still spend their time listening to their ipods and watching reality t.v. shows. If they only spent as much time becoming aware of the reality of what's happening in this country, the illegal invasion would end!

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